Family Travel 2018: The Year Ahead

Family Travel 2018: The Year AheadWay back in January last year I posted about our plan to #take12trips in 2017. I found this a useful thing to do. It inspired me to get out and about, which meant we discovered new places. The record also gives a chance to reflect back and see what you did or did not achieve. It is amazing how quickly plans can change with a little one in your life! So now is the time to think about our family travel 2018: the year ahead…

Family Travel 2018: The Year Ahead

Last year I got a bit out of hand and racked up more than double the trips I had initially thought about in January! I think this year is going to be much more about budget travel. We have a few other potential big things going on this year. Which means there might not be much of a budget for travelling.

That said, we are already on a 5 month trip to Austria and have short breaks to Lisbon and Rotterdam booked… And we had such a good time at our first festival as a family, Camper Calling, that I would like to do another this year.Family Travel 2018: The Year Ahead

The one thing we never got round to doing last year was a big trip to the Far East. So I’m hoping that this year my budget will extend to that. I’m thinking a bit of an island hop in Thailand – Phuket, Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta. Has anyone got any other good budget ideas? We enjoyed travelling through Vietnam pre-baby and would like to recreate something equally cheap with a toddler in tow!

Family Travel 2018: The Year AheadAnd I’ll also be continuing to focus on free or good value toddler-friendly activities wherever we happen to be… Although I’m not committing to any particular challenge this year, the number 12 still appeals. An average of one trip a month should be perfectly feasible with a bit of planning…


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