Explore Greenwich with a Toddler

Explore Greenwich with a ToddlerI went to explore Greenwich with a toddler. We had a lovely day out. The fun starts with the journey there, with a choice of driverless train or river boat. Then a wide choice of things to do and green spaces to run around. We decided to check out the National Maritime Museum and then walk under the river to Mudchute Farm.
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A Toddler’s Weekend in East Devon

A Toddler's Weekend in East DevonWe fancied a weekend in the country by the sea. It is nice to escape from city life and give our toddler some green fields to run around. At only 3 hours or so drive from London, East Devon fitted the bill. East Devon has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. So we were hoping for winding country lanes and stunning coastal scenery. And to make it even more exciting, we decided to make it our toddler’s first proper camping trip staying in a tent. Here’s what we got up to on a toddler’s weekend in East Devon…
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A Toddler’s Summer in St Anton am Arlberg

Toddler's Summer in St Anton am ArlbergI was intending to write a guide of activities to do during a toddler’s summer in St Anton am Arlberg. But actually the great thing about summertime in the mountains is the chance to unwind. We took it as a great chance to slow down and not schedule any activities. “Isn’t that boring?” I hear you say. Or “didn’t your toddler drive you crazy?” Not at all. So here is my guide to doing nothing in the mountains…
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Camping in Pisa with a Toddler

Camping in Pisa with a Toddler

I am coming to the conclusion that campsites often provide the best budget accommodation when travelling with a toddler. A campsite will often have a swimming pool, playground and space to run around. Most campsites have some type of cabin available so that you don’t have to lug camping stuff around. And they are considerably more reasonably priced than a hotel with similar facilities. Certainly camping in Pisa with a toddler provided the best combination of price and facilities.
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Is a Day Trip to Florence a Good Idea for a Toddler?

Is a Day Trip to Florence a Good Idea for a Toddler?

Is a day trip to Florence a good idea for a toddler? Florence (called Firenze locally) is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region and well known for its beautiful Renaissance architecture. However, my online research suggested that its cobbled streets, heat and crowds were not best suited to toddlers. Unless of course you are blessed with a toddler with a keen interest in Renaissance art…
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Yoga in Tuscany with a Toddler

Yoga in Tuscany with a ToddlerI had some time free for a break but Daddy didn’t. I looked for somewhere to take my toddler Daisy that would give her lots to do. But that ideally would also give me an occasional chance to relax. I’m not normally looking for places designated as ‘child-friendly’. But as I was travelling solo it would be nice to be in an environment where there was at least a chance of a conversation with a sympathetic adult or two. My internet research found lots of child-friendly places, but most aimed at parents travelling together.
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London City Farms – Deen City Farm

Deen City Farm

When you can’t get out to the countryside, city farms are a great way to see some farm animals. London is fortunate to have several fairly central city farms. I had planned to visit Vauxhall City Farm during May. But as things turned out, Deen City Farm was the one we got to first.
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A Toddler’s Visit to the Science Museum in London

Toddler's Visit to the Science Museum in London

I am always talking about how many great opportunites there are in London. So I thought it was time to put the effort into making the most of living in a vibrant city. I am planning lots of days out with my toddler, Daisy, over the summer. Here is how I found our toddler’s visit to the Science Museum in London.
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