Glamping at Camping Aichelberg, Germany

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg

‘I need a cup of tea’, demands Daddy. Very British. ‘No problem, there’s a kettle here’, says I. Pause… ‘Er, um, I don’t seem to be able to find a kettle. I’m sure there was one in the picture when I booked’. I trundle off to the reception to do a fabulous mime of a kettle whilst wittering on about ‘heißes Wasser’.
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Visiting Wildpark Pforzheim in Germany with a Toddler

The Wildpark in Pforzheim, located in south-western Germany, is billed as one of the most popular attractions in the region. The car park was certainly busy when we stopped by on a sunny Monday afternoon in spring. But the park itself was easily big enough to accommodate the number of visitors. This is my guide to visiting Wildpark Pforzheim in Germany with a toddler.
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