Austria Ski Season with a Baby: St Anton Cafe Review, Anton Cafe

As part of writing about my ski season in Austria with a baby, I will review cafes and restaurants in St Anton am Arlberg. Which are baby-friendly? Do they have space for a pram or buggy? Is it quiet? Is there space for crawlers to clamber around? Are there changing facilities (ha ha)? In this second St Anton cafe review, Anton Cafe will be considered from the baby’s viewpoint…

St Anton Cafe Review, Anton Cafe

Anton Cafe is part of a large building that also includes a hotel, two bars (Anton Bar and Square Bar) and another cafe (Grünbeck).

Of the options, I think that Anton Cafe is most baby-friendly. It is on the first floor, but there are no stairs to negotiate. There is a ramp for easy access with your buggy or pram. Inside the door there is space for a couple of buggies to park.

It is located right at the bottom of the Galzig cable car. So ideal for meeting up with others who are skiing. Breakfast is served, along with lunch options. Or huge slices of cake for afternoon tea. This makes it a good option at any time of day. High chairs are available.

It can get busy. Particularly on sunny days when the wrap around balcony gets very full. However, with a baby or toddler you are best off sitting inside because there is more space.

St Anton Cafe Review, Anton Cafe: The Playroom

The unique feature of this cafe (and why it gets a review) is that it has a playroom. It is the most inaccessible playroom I have ever come across. It is suspended above the cafe and accessed up a steep ladder through a trapdoor. But it is a playroom, a rarity in these parts.

St Anton Cafe Review, Anton Cafe

Its access means that it is not somewhere you can leave babies and toddlers to play. But you can clamber up with them. The playroom is not large. It has some wall games to play with, a large box of building bricks, a few other toys and an animal (dog?) to sit on. I found it really useful as somewhere indoors to take my toddler for a play when the weather was bad. And I could of course have some coffee or cake before or after she had a play.


5 thoughts on “Austria Ski Season with a Baby: St Anton Cafe Review, Anton Cafe

  1. A cafe with a playroom is a rarity! Sounds like a good place to snuggle up with a coffee and a huge piece of cake (to be honest, that’s why I’d be there). #WanderfulWednesday

  2. Although inaccessible, at least there was a playroom! Seems like that doesn’t come around often. Nice to have an escape when the weather is bad 🙂

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