Baby-Friendly Cafes in West London

I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have a cafe in my local park complete with small soft play area until I tried to find other baby-friendly cafes in West London. And while we have been away, this place has closed. What am I going to do now!?

I thought that the Piccolo cafe and playcentre at North Acton Playing Fields was a fantastic local resource. It provided a cheap local play venue within walking distance (soft play was £2.50 for the over 1’s). And as an added bonus you could have a cup of coffee and some cake while they played. There was of course also lots of outside space in the park. And there were mum & baby yoga and pre-school music classes in the attached hall. But these have also ceased. Why was the venue so under-supported? There were some issues with the cafe not opening or closing early. But I suspect that was a little chicken and egg; if there is no one there, why not close early? But then people are put off going if it might not be open when it is supposed to be. I very much hope it re-opens.

Baby-friendly cafes in West London

Alternative Baby-Friendly Cafes in West London

This has lead me to research whether there are any other alternatives in the area.

There are two options just about within walking distance:

  1. **Edit 15th May 2017 – this cafe is also currently closed.** The Blend House, Acton. This cafe is marketing itself as family-friendly. They hold classes, such as baby massage and a tunes & tales session. Check out their Facebook page for what is currently running.
  2. Birdie’s Kitchen, Acton. This is in Acton Park, so plenty of outside space and small indoor play space. And they sometimes run music sessions or other special events.

A slightly further afield cafe with soft play area is Cafe Floral in Hammersmith. But the only time I have tried to visit, it was closed. Even though the Facebook page said it was open from 10am that day. I like to support local ventures but it is fustrating when information is incorrect. Particularly after making a special trip. I was probably just unlucky, but I would advise giving them a call before setting off!


9 thoughts on “Baby-Friendly Cafes in West London

  1. Sorry to hear that the cafe closed – it sounds like a great place for little ones to play indoors especially during winter. I don’t really know of any other baby-friendly cafes in the area, although I find the City Kids directory for classes a good resource because it also lists local playgroups for babies and toddlers around West London. I always find some new ones to go to that are usually only a £1 or so donation:

  2. I have an OBSESSION with cafes that provide play areas for kids. I love to support such cafes too and made it a mission on my blog to dig them all out here in Singapore and share them with other parents.

    But it’s indeed frustrating lugging a baby all the way to a cafe to try to support it and finding that it doesn’t open according to its opening hours. I feel guilty sometimes when my readers tell me they went to one of the cafes and it wasn’t open or has closed down. I guess while we would all love to support family-friendly establishments, declining birth rate is not helping for such businesses? Sigh… #CityTripping

    1. Thanks for the link – it will be useful if we come to Singapore! It is a shame that you are finding the same problems though.

  3. It can be tricky to find places with a good balance especially in London. Will let you know if I come across anywhere. Roll on summer when there’s a park to amuse them and you can drink takeaway coffee without your hands freezing. #citytripping

    1. Yes, summer is so much easier. And at least London has some baby-friendly cafes – we’re currently based in an Austrian ski resort where indoor play spaces are pretty much non-existent!

  4. Ah that’s a shame it’s closed – I went there once or twice for birthday parties my daughter was invited to. If you head a little further west to Ealing, Walpole Park has had lots of work done and there’s a cafe there plus two playgrounds for different ages. No soft play I’m afraid, but it’s a good start! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    1. Yes, Walpole Park is great when the weather is good. We like Tippitoes in Lammas Park too, although not a cafe – it’s one of the few toddler group places that operates at the weekend.

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