Bludenz-läuft with a baby (a running festival in Austria)

We like to get out-and-about walking and running with our baby. I had failed to start the Bludenz half marathon two years ago (pregnant). And the 6km city walk last year (running spectacularly late). This year I was determined to make the start line. Daddy wanted to run in the half marathon. So I went for the 6km city walk again. And I had a great experience taking part in the Bludenz-läuft with a baby.

Bludenz-läuft with a baby: the city walk

This is an excellent running event for a couple with a baby to enter. The city walk follows 6km of the half marathon route. It sets off 90 minutes before the half marathon. Which means one of you can do this race before the other needs to get ready. Buggies are positively encouraged in this walking race. Which is quite unusual. Often when I ask race organisers if I can take part with a buggy it is not allowed. Usually for insurance reasons.

The start was a little congested. But after the first kilometre or so dodging around others it was a pleasant walk through the town. I should have learnt by now not to listen to the people who tell buggies to start at the back. I discovered that I can walk much quicker than I thought. My last kilometre had an average pace of 7’46. I’m sure I’ve run slower kilometres than that.  Somehow we ended up as 7th lady in a time of 48 minutes 42s. Perhaps I should do some training next year. I used my trusty running buggy, the Mountain Buggy Terrain. But you could get away with a regular buggy. There was even a woman using a baby carrier!

Bludenz-läuft with a baby: spectating at the half marathon

It is also a great race for spectating. The runners can choose 7km, 14km or half marathon distance. Daddy was running the half marathon. Meaning we had 3 chances to see him lap the course. Courses involving laps are definitely much better for spectators. The spectator area and playground by the start / finish line was busy. But it was easy to find some quieter spots on the route.

To spectate, we stayed near the same spot in the first kilometre of the lap. This made it easier to time the sightings. Between each lap we found some lovely little spots for Daisy to have a run around. First, an almost empty football pitch with a mountain backdrop, right on the course. Second, a play area just off the course near the school. Much of the equipment was aimed at older kids. But she enjoyed the bouncy floor area and a swing in the hammock. And playing with the bark. The third spot was a grassy area the other side of the school, where we shared an ice cream. This was also a handy spot to arrange to meet Daddy after the race.

All in all, it was a well organised race that was family-friendly, making for a good morning out.

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    1. The sun and the mountains do make running more appealing – it is tough to get out when it is grey and wet

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