Camper Calling with a Toddler

Camper Calling with a Toddler

Back in March I posted about how we chose a family-friendly festival for this summer. It is now time to report back on how we found Camper Calling with a toddler. Did we make the right choice?

In only its second year, it could have been a bit of a gamble choosing Camper Calling. But the weekend was a resounding success. It was a great location for us as Ragley Hall is just a couple of hours drive from London. It was easy to find and no long queues to get in.

Camper Calling with a Toddler: The Camping

We were camping in the Woodland Hill campsite which was very spacious (for a festival). As an added bonus, you can park your car by your tent, so no long trek from the car park. And campers and tents camp together which is nice. We found a great spot overlooking the lake. The only slight negative for the spot we chose was that it was a long walk from the nearest toilet and water facilities. But the compromise was worth it for the view…

Camper Calling with a Toddler

Camper Calling with a Toddler: The Festival

Camper Calling with a ToddlerThe festival was a great choice for a toddler. There were lots of other families and it was a manageable size of 6,000 people. The bands were good enough to keep the parents entertained. Several were from the late 90s, such as The Lightening Seeds, Reef and Cast, allowing me to re-live my youth!

However, it was not all about the music and there were plenty other activities to fill the days. We tried out a rowing boat on the lake – a popular activity that had to be booked. We also enjoyed the display of interesting campers on the Saturday – a great opportunity to chat to some of the owners. There were of course lots of activities aimed at the kids – theatre shows, story-telling, circus activities, crafts, and so on.

The advantage of being held at Ragley Hall is that it gives you an opportunity to visit the house and gardens (included in your ticket). And you can make use of the permanent cafes and fantastic playgrounds. Most importantly, there are permanent toilets with baby-changing facilities!

There was a great range of food stalls from local people, plenty enough range to keep you occupied for three days. The bar sold an interesting range of beers and ciders. There were a few trade stands and fun fair rides, but not an overwhelming amount. I imagine this is a good thing for children of an age to constantly demand sweets / drinks / rides etc!

So all in all I would say that this is a great festival for young families. We had a great time. And it was actually quite relaxing (not how I remember festivals from my youth!) *Top tip* Don’t take your toddler’s nice summer shoes because she will lose one in the middle of a field somewhere…!

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