Family Walk at Wellington Monument

Family Walk at Wellington Monument

Wellington Monument in the Blackdown Hills, Somerset is currently being restored. This means that the monument itself is currently covered in scaffolding. However, its surroundings still make for a pleasant family walk. The site is managed by the National Trust, so take a look on their website to see what the monument looks like. Excitingly, the restoration includes a plan for a viewing platform. Hopefully there will be some great views from there. 

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Family Walk at Dumpdon Hill

Family Walk at Dumpdon Hill

Family Walk at Dumpdon Hill – History

Dumpdon Hill is in the Blackdown Hills in East Devon. Dumpdon Hill was the site of an Iron Age hill fort. It is thought to date from 750BC to AD43. The top is more than 250 metres high and is one of the highest points in the Otter Valley. The site covers a sizeable 62 acres. The earth ramparts at the top of the hill are up to 2 metres high. However, archaeologists believe that the hill fort was never finished or lived in. The hill fort would have made a striking sight and invaders would have found it imposing.

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2019 Travel with my Pre-schooler

2019 Travel With a Pre-Schooler

It didn’t feel like I did much travel with my pre-schooler in 2019. Certainly not much that I felt warranted a blog post. This is my personal reflection on the travel we did, along with days out in the UK. It actually adds up to quite a lot when I look back on it. Just not much that was worth writing about. Either because I had written about it before. Or because there are already so many blogs on the venue that I didn’t feel the need to add another. Continue reading “2019 Travel with my Pre-schooler”

Acton Depot Open Weekend: Family Fun

Acton Depot Open Weekend: Family Fun
Credit Tom Page

The London Transport Museum Acton Depot only opens for three Open Weekends per year. The Museum Depot at Acton is a huge warehouse that holds the majority of the Museum’s collection which is not on display at the main Museum in Covent Garden. The Depot houses over 320,000 items of all types, including many original works of art used for the Museum’s celebrated poster collection, signs, models, photographs, engineering drawings, uniforms and of course lots of different vehicles from throughout the ages. Sounds perfect for transport geeks, but is it any fun for a three year old? We went along to the Acton Depot Open Weekend: Family Fun to find out…

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Hounslow Urban Farm with a Toddler

Hounslow Urban Farm with a Toddler

Hounslow Urban Farm is one of the most urban of the London city farms that we have visited. Whilst there are plenty of farm animals to pet, the large planes landing at nearby Heathrow are a constant reminder of your city location. In terms of activities for toddlers, this is best urban farm we have visited in London. Read on to find out why it is great fun visiting Hounslow Urban Farm with a toddler…

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Best Beaches Near Lisbon

Best Beaches Near Lisbon‘Want a jumper on!’ But it’s 25 degrees outside. ‘Want a jumper on!’ But you’ll be far too hot. ‘Want a jumper on!’ Mummy sighs and gives in to unreasonable toddler demands. It turns out she was right though…
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Glamping at Camping Aichelberg, Germany

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg

‘I need a cup of tea’, demands Daddy. Very British. ‘No problem, there’s a kettle here’, says I. Pause… ‘Er, um, I don’t seem to be able to find a kettle. I’m sure there was one in the picture when I booked’. I trundle off to the reception to do a fabulous mime of a kettle whilst wittering on about ‘heißes Wasser’.
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3 Things to do in Rotterdam with a Toddler on a Monday

3 things to do in Rotterdam with a Toddler

There are lots of great things to do with a toddler in Rotterdam. But not on a Monday. It seems that almost every museum is shut. Which is a shame because the Maritime Museum has a great play area. It is marketed at 4 to 8 year olds, but it was perfect for my toddler. The only drawback is the entry fee. Although the under 4s are free, at 12.50 euros per adult the entry fee is quite expensive compared to other maritime museums in London and Bilbao. Especially as you only tend to spend a couple of hours in such places. Anyway, here are the 3 things to do in Rotterdam with a toddler on a Monday that I found…
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Skiing from Warth to St Anton in pictures

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

Warth is a small village in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. Warth is located at 1,500 metres directly within the Warth-Schröcken ski area and is linked to the wider Arlberg ski area. It is possible to ski all the way from Warth to St Anton am Arlberg (and vice versa). This is my guide to skiing from Warth to St Anton in pictures.

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