Explore Greenwich with a Toddler

Explore Greenwich with a ToddlerI went to explore Greenwich with a toddler. We had a lovely day out. The fun starts with the journey there, with a choice of driverless train or river boat. Then a wide choice of things to do and green spaces to run around. We decided to check out the National Maritime Museum and then walk under the river to Mudchute Farm.
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A Toddler’s Weekend in East Devon

A Toddler's Weekend in East DevonWe fancied a weekend in the country by the sea. It is nice to escape from city life and give our toddler some green fields to run around. At only 3 hours or so drive from London, East Devon fitted the bill. East Devon has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. So we were hoping for winding country lanes and stunning coastal scenery. And to make it even more exciting, we decided to make it our toddler’s first proper camping trip staying in a tent. Here’s what we got up to on a toddler’s weekend in East Devon…
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London City Farms – Deen City Farm

Deen City Farm

When you can’t get out to the countryside, city farms are a great way to see some farm animals. London is fortunate to have several fairly central city farms. I had planned to visit Vauxhall City Farm during May. But as things turned out, Deen City Farm was the one we got to first.
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A Toddler’s Visit to the Science Museum in London

Toddler's Visit to the Science Museum in London

I am always talking about how many great opportunites there are in London. So I thought it was time to put the effort into making the most of living in a vibrant city. I am planning lots of days out with my toddler, Daisy, over the summer. Here is how I found our toddler’s visit to the Science Museum in London.
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A Toddler’s Visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park

Toddler's visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park

A toddler’s visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park would be straightforward. But our demands were a little more complex. It is an increasing challenge to find venues for multi-generational days out. Especially as the toddler increasingly just wants to run about. Shepreth Wildlife Park appeared to tick lots of the boxes. Something for the toddler to do, wheelchair accessible for great granny, drivable to from Cambridge, on the train line from London, has a cafe for lunch…
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Taking a Baby to the NFL Games in London

Daddy is a big NFL (American Football) fan, so having a baby was not going to prevent him going to the games in London. I would not even consider taking a baby to most sporting events, but NFL games are pretty family-friendly. In 2016, three games were held in London, two at Wembley Stadium and one at Twickenham Stadium. The games are usually held in September and October. Here are my tips for taking a baby to the NFL games in London.
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5 Places to Visit in London in May with a Toddler

The toddler and I are making our travel plans for May. We are aiming to visit a different place in London each week. It has to be somewhere new that we have not been to together before. We can’t be guaranteed of good weather in May, so we will largely be focusing on indoor attractions. And we are on a budget, so they should ideally be cheap. Here is my plan for 5 places to visit in London in May with a toddler.
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