Tips for Packing Light for a City Break with a Baby

Pre-baby I considered myself something of a master at packing light. I have recently been thinking about how I have adapted this for packing light for a city break with a baby. I dislike having to wait for luggage to be off-loaded from a plane. And as a budget traveller there is nothing worse than lugging huge bags to and from the airport / boat / train. A baby has huge potential to bring a house full of stuff with it on holiday. Is it possible to still pack light with a baby?
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A Day in the Life of a Ski Season with Baby

You might be under the impression that ski resort seasonnaires are all eighteen year old gap year students. And, to be fair, there are quite a few of those. So why on earth would you want to take a baby somewhere people work 48 hour weeks for minimum wage, ski hard and party even harder? This post aims to shatter some of those illusions by describing a day in the life of a ski season with Baby (Daisy). Scratch under the surface and you will find a huge diversity of people based in a ski resort. Including idiots with babies.
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5 Tips for Using the London Underground With a Baby

The London Underground isn’t the most baby friendly form of transport, but it is perfectly possible to use it to get about with a baby in tow. And on the plus side it is free for under 11s. Plus baby D loves to break the unwritten rule about not making eye contact on the tube, thus freaking people out by staring at them for ages… These are my top 5 tips for travelling on the London Underground with a baby

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Ski Season With a Baby: Snowy Day Activities for a Baby

During our first ski season D ranged between 8 weeks and 6 months old. So we needed plenty of ideas for snowy day activities for a baby. She was too young to have any interest in playing in the snow. Although she loved getting out and about in the pram and buggy. We went for a walk pretty much every day. But of course there were a few cold and stormy days where staying in was more appealing. Continue reading “Ski Season With a Baby: Snowy Day Activities for a Baby”

Using a Sling in a Ski Resort. And Which Sling?

Before baby D was born I had images of using a sling virtually all the time. It seemed like a great idea for dealing with public transport, steps, shopping and so on. Anywhere the buggy would be unwieldy. I also thought it was a lovely idea for around the house; keeping the baby close while having hands free to get on with stuff. Here’s the reality of using a sling in a ski resort… Continue reading “Using a Sling in a Ski Resort. And Which Sling?”

Which Buggy to Take Skiing with a Baby?

I had a list of several features we were looking for when choosing which buggy to take skiing with a baby:

  1. Must be robust enough to cope with snowy paths
  2. Is also able to cope with rugged trails and terrain
  3. Can run with the buggy, once the baby is old enough
  4. Ideally be usable from birth
  5. The model has a strong secondhand market

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5 Things To Do in a Ski Resort with a Baby

So what can you get up to with a baby in a ski resort? How easy is it to get out and about? We were based in St Anton am Arlberg for the ski season when our baby ranged from 2 to 6 months old. Here were our favourite 5 things to do to in a ski resort with a baby: Continue reading “5 Things To Do in a Ski Resort with a Baby”

Ski Season with a Baby – Packing List

The packing list for a ski season is different to packing for travelling, as we will be in one place for a long period of time. Plus one of us was travelling by ferry and car, which means we had rather more flexibility in what we could take. This post covers what general baby stuff I found it useful to take with us. Continue reading “Ski Season with a Baby – Packing List”