Day Out in San Sebastian with a Toddler

Day Out in San Sebastian with a Toddler

Although it was late November, we were lucky enough to have a sunny-ish, warm-ish day forecast in San Sebastian. We decided to take advantage and see some of the outdoor activities available. This is what we got up to on a day out in San Sebastian with a toddler…

Day Out in San Sebastian with a Toddler

First, we headed to the beach. There are three in San Sebastian. Zurriola Beach has large waves and is popular with surfers, which would have been fun to watch but Daisy is not a fan of waves. Concha Beach is the most visited, with its kilometre and a half of sand and great city views. There were hardy locals swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking even in winter. We decided to walk around the bay a little to Ondarreta beach, lying between Monte Igeldo and the Palacio Miramar gardens. Another sandy beach, with a few playground constructions for toddlers to clamber on. The beach gently shelves down into the water, so perfect for families. We spent a happy hour or two here watching people walk their dogs, skimming stones, paddling in the freezing water and building sandcastles

Day Out in San Sebastian with a Toddler

There is a fourth mini-beach on Santa Clara Island, which is tiny and only there when the tide is out, but the boats across to the island do not run in winter.

From the beach we headed to the funicular railway that carries you to the top of Monte Igeldo. These wooden carriages have been carrying people to the top for over 100 years. And provide a good spot to eat some crisps…

Top tip: if you are anywhere near a meal time, take food with you. There is nothing open at all at the top on a weekday in the winter! I suspect in the summer that there are all sorts of eating opportunities at the amusement park or hotel. As it was, in winter the deserted amusement park provides a rather eerie experience.

However, the views back over San Sebastian are spectacular, making the trip worthwhile whatever the time of year.

 Due to our standard levels of disorganisation, we were by now very hungry, so headed back down the funicular and into the first place selling food that we could find! This was the bar at the Hotel Ezeiza which provided us with some much needed pintxos (Basque tapas) to fuel our walk all the way along the bay to the old town. This walk takes you all the way along the seafront along both Ondaretta and La Concha beaches. There is a handy playground at the end of La Concha beach for your toddler to have a break. And then there are numerous opportunities to round your day off with more pintxos in the old town. Many of the bars are a little small for a buggy and an active toddler, but we found Bartolo to be spacious enough, with tables rather than bar stools, so more suitable for a toddler.

Day Out in San Sebastian with a Toddler: Where to Stay

We rented an apartment in a great location by La Concha beach (although unfortunately no sea view). It was only a studio, so a little cramped for a long stay, but fine for a couple of nights. It is not particularly toddler-friendly – no cots or highchairs – but there is a sofa bed providing extra sleeping space.


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