Glamping at Camping Aichelberg, Germany

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg

‘I need a cup of tea’, demands Daddy. Very British. ‘No problem, there’s a kettle here’, says I. Pause… ‘Er, um, I don’t seem to be able to find a kettle. I’m sure there was one in the picture when I booked’. I trundle off to the reception to do a fabulous mime of a kettle whilst wittering on about ‘heißes Wasser’.

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg

We are glamping at Camping Aichelberg for a night in Germany. We stopped here as part of a road trip from St Anton am Arlberg back to the UK. The campsite is in a very convenient location for such a trip as it is just off the A8 motorway. However, once you are there is has a rural feel and you cannot hear the road.

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg

I booked a camping hut with two single beds and just about enough space to squeeze a mattress (provided by us) for Daisy in between. The hut was very cute and equipped with linen, electricity, a fridge, a table and a couple of chairs. The shower and laundry block was large and in excellent condition.

I picked it because it was the cheapest thing I could find in the area. Although not actually that cheap at 47 euros for the night. The hut had a distinct whiff of paint. I think it was new for the season. However, you can create a bit of a through draught by opening the door and window. The other reason I picked it was the playground, for Daisy to let off some steam after a long journey.

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg: Facilities

There was no kettle, by the way. On closer inspection, the photo I recalled showed a coffee maker and some cups. But they weren’t there either. Not that that would have helped as Daddy hates coffee. And it would have still foiled our plan of making noodles for dinner. (I know, I know, classy dinner. But definitely a budget option). So we went to the restaurant next door for a cuppa and some pizzas. Which made it completely not a budget option. We would have been much better off paying a little more for an Airbnb apartment where we could have cooked our own dinner. Oh well, live and learn.

PS An electric kettle is ‘der Wasserkocher’ in German. Just in case you ever need to ask for one. The word should actually have been easy to guess given the tendency of the German language to put words together rather than invent a new word for things…


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8 thoughts on “Glamping at Camping Aichelberg, Germany

  1. Ohh this glamping pod looks really stylish and I love how it’s near a motorway so good for stops but also has a rural feel and a family play area!

    Joining in from #fearlessfamtrav

    Laura x

  2. Oh poor Daddy! I feel for him. I need a good cuppa to get me through the day too. This place sounds so handy for a stopover. Shame there wasn’t a more affordable dinner option though.

    Thanks for linking up to #fearlessfamtrav

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