Glamping in Belgium with a Toddler

Glamping in Belgium with a Toddler

We decided to try glamping in Belgium with a toddler. It wasn’t called ‘glamping’ when we booked. But on reflection it’s probably what it would be marketed as in the UK. For some reason we haven’t got round to camping with the toddler yet. So this was a comfortable and fun way to dip our toes in the waters.

Glamping in Belgium with a Toddler

We booked a stay at La ferme d’a Yaaz near Arlon, Belgium. It particularly appealed to us because it was on a farm. So our toddler could be entertained by the animals and the playground. And I have always wanted to stay in one of those cute little wooden hut-type-things.

It was slightly tricky to find – the entrance to the farm is actually around the back of the house at the main address. But the owner’s son kindly pointed us in the right direction. Via the traditional British combination of school level French, speaking loudly in English and flailing of arms.

Being a slightly bleak weekday in April, we were the only booking. So we got a comprehensive tour of the farm from the host and a choice of accommodation. There is a room converted out of the corner of the hay barn. Which is next to the communal kitchen, close to the showers and the playground. Which would have been very practical on a chilly evening with a toddler. But of course I was swayed by the romance of a wooden cabin. Complete with its own BBQ deck overlooking the surrounding fields. Which of course we wouldn’t use. But, hey, I could imagine…

The Cabin

The cabin itself looked like a large barrel on wheels (sorry, but that’s the best way I can think of describing it…) I’m not sure it would actually move anywhere though. The cabin was well equipped, with a double bed, table and chairs, even a kettle and mugs. The space might get a bit cosy for a family if you were here for long, but there was nifty storage under the bed for your belongings. The walls could maybe have done with a few more hooks to hang stuff on. The outside area would really come into its own in the summer. I could just imagine sitting in the comfy chairs on the deck with a BBQ sizzling away, watching the sunset…

We travelled with our own cot, so I can’t comment on those available. We did however decide not to use the cot for the first time. Cue ‘thunk’ in the middle of the night as our toddler rolled off her mattress. Twice. So she ended up sharing the double bed with us.

The Facilities

The other facilities were great for a family. You were free to wander the fields and pet the animals. So we had some close encounters with sheep and goats. There was a play area with a wooden tractor, slides and toys which kept our toddler entertained. The farm was small, so it was easy for little legs to get about. The communal kitchen was much better equipped than many I have come across. Including a high chair for the little one. And the showers much cleaner and better maintained than most hostels I have stayed in. And our cabin came with it’s own mini cabin with a composting toilet. Which was by far the cleanest, nicest smelling composting toilet I have ever seen.

All in all it was a very gentle and reasonably priced introduction to glamping with a toddler. And I would certainly recommend farm stays for keeping a toddler entertained. Can you recommend any places like this we should try in England?

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23 thoughts on “Glamping in Belgium with a Toddler

  1. We don’t live to far from Belgium so I can’t wait to give this a try. Seems like a perfect little quick weekend trip for us. Was there plenty to do in the area? #MondayEscapes

    1. We were passing through on a road trip, so didn’t have much time to check out the area. The cabin had a folder detailing local walks and cycling is also popular in the area. The cabins were close to Arlon, which has churches and museums to visit. So I would say there is enough to do on a weekend trip.

  2. You can’t beat fun accommodations when traveling with kids! A great farm and playground can make a trip. Thanks for sharing this great find! #MondayEscapes

    1. Thanks – I was just wondering to myself today if there was a website that listed family budget accommodation – a bit like but for families. I find it time-consuming to find cheap, fun places to stay with a toddler. I often find that ‘family-friendly’ means little more than that they can provide a cot. Or that it is a posh resort. I always chose hostels pre-baby as a great way to meet like-minded travellers. It would be great to have a list of hostel-type places where the primary customers are families as a way of meeting like-minded parents and kids!

    1. They do also have 3 other cabins – 1 of which sleeps up to 6 people. And also a teepee which sleeps 6.

  3. I’ve done all sorts of camping in many different countries, usually without any facilities, there are no kids at home anymore but i’d definitely book somewhere now with a bathroom or at the very least a toilet #MondayEscapes

    1. It is nice to be able to have a shower when camping, particularly if it is a warm one!

  4. Looks like a good find. I have also stayed in a few camping pods similar to these (in fact, we have booked one in Scotland in August). Some of our glamping has been hit and miss – including the yurt that leaked dreadfully when it rained!! #Mondayescapes

    1. I guess that’s the advantage of taking your own tent – at least you know it doesn’t leak!

  5. This place sounds great! I think glamping is a great solution if you want to have the space and informality of a campsite but travel outside the summer months. I haven’t tried glamping yet but I reckon we might give it a go this autumn. It seems to definitely be a growing market. Thanks for linking up with #FamilyFriendlyStays

    1. I really am in two minds about glamping. On the on hand it provides some quirky places to stay. But sometimes you just can’t beat traditional canvas!

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