Hiking on Koh Phangan with a Toddler: Thong Nai Pan Yai to Than Sadet

In the second of my posts about hiking on Koh Phangan with a toddler, we head from Thong Nai Pan Yai to Than Sadet waterfall and beach. This pictorial guide with descriptions should help get you there without getting lost…

Hiking on Koh Phangan with a Toddler: Thong Nai Pan Yai to Than Sadet

The hike starts right in the centre of Thong Nai Pan Yai. Head up a track off the main road through the village. There’s a laundrette on the corner.

This road acts as a driveway to several houses so is in pretty good condition. At the top, take the left turn onto the dirt track. You can just about make out a small wooden signpost to Than Sadet.

This track undulates through the countryside. There are many ups and downs, some steeper than others. We took it slow, rested often, and didn’t find any of it too challenging for carrying a toddler up or down. Our travelling carrier of choice is the Tula, which is small and light enough to fit in our luggage.

We were travelling in the dry season. The state of some of the track gives a suggestion of how challenging the hike might be in the wet season. Decent hiking shoes are needed whatever the season. And make sure to take plenty of water as the route is wholly in the countryside with no facilities.

With the climbs up, you get some great views back to Thong Nai Pan Yai. A great excuse to catch your breath. It looks deserted. And it was pretty much, apart from a group of German hikers we bumped into at the start. But they soon strode off in to the distance, as they weren’t carrying a toddler…

Just as we were beginning to get a bit tired, the track becomes paved. This makes for an easy stroll down hill to the waterfall and beach. Just keep following the road down. At the T-junction, turn left and head on down past the car park.

And then just as abruptly the road becomes a track again…  By now, we were nearly there, having walked past the visitors’ car park on the right. If driving, there are also more parking spots further along the track nearer the beach.

Than Sadet Waterfall and Beach

The waterfall and beach are in Than Sadet National Park. If you want to see the bottom of the 3km long waterfall, head off the track to the right. We were there in June, so it was the dry season, and more of a trickle than a waterfall.

Thansadet literally translated means “river of visited by Royals”. Many kings, including  King Churalongkorn, The Great Rama V, King Prajadhipok, the Great Rama VII and King Bumipol Aduldej, the Great Rama IX, have visited the river. There is a stone carved with their initials to the left of the track to commemorate the visits.

And then finally the beach. The sand is a bit grainy but the sea shelves gently, perfect for a toddler. Due to the easy access along a mostly paved road, there were quite a few people there. There is not much natural shade, but we managed to find a spot under a tree to keep our toddler out of the sun.

The beach has a restaurant and there are beach huts available should you want to stay for a couple of days. And there are a couple of swings and a slide that kept Daisy entertained while we had a cold beer. All in all, a good day out.

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    1. We did briefly consider a full moon party with our toddler but decided against it! Much prefer the quieter side of the island these days.

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