My Favourite Ski Pistes in St Anton am Arlberg

Favourite Ski Pistes in St AntonI spend a lot of time skiing in St Anton am Arlberg. But have never written about my favourite ski runs for some reason. So here is my guide to my favourite ski pistes in St Anton am Arlberg. Seek them out next time you are on holiday in the area!

The Rendl home run (1 Rendl – Talabfahrt)

This has always been a favourite from my very first season. It has been much improved over the years, which has smoothed out some of the narrower and icier sections. There are still a couple of steep sections, but it is much friendlier these days. It is a lovely long red run all the way from the top of Rendl down into the village. Not exactly a hidden secret. It can be in fantastic condition, but avoid late afternoon when everyone is heading for home. There are some great views down into the village and across to Galzig and Gampen ski areas. Find it: red piste number 1.

The winding road to Stuben (104 Mittelstation – Passage – Stuben)

Favourite Ski Pistes in St Anton

This is my go-to run when everywhere else is busy. It ends up at an incredibly slow 2-man chairlift. Which must be what puts off the crowds. It is so slow that in cold weather they give you blankets to keep warm. However it is a delightful piste that winds its way down what must be a mountain road in summer. You also get some great views down the valley to Zürs. It can get a little narrow and icy towards the bottom. But that just makes the 180 degree switchbacks more fun. And did I mention it is always dead quiet? The only people you might see are some people heading back to the lift from some off piste routes. Find it: red piste number 104.

Piste from the top of Albonabahn II (106 Albona)

I still regard this as a ‘new’ piste. Even though it is probably eight years old now… Another typically quiet red run. Do you spot a theme here… There are some steep pitches, interspersed with rolling terrain. I think that this is a fun run. Find it: red piste number 106.

Have you skied in St Anton? Where is your favourite piste?


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  1. I have never heard of blankets on a chairlift that’s crazy!! Must be super slow indeed! I love skiing but have taken the past two season off due to a ski accident 2 years ago..hoping to return to the slopes soon. Thanks for linking up with #farawayfiles

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