Austria Ski Season with a Baby: St Anton Cafe Review, Jules

As part of writing about my ski season with a baby, I will review cafes and restaurants in St Anton am Arlberg. Which are baby-friendly? Do they have space for a pram or buggy? Is it quiet? Is there space for crawlers to clamber around? Are there changing facilities (ha ha)? In this first St Anton cafe review Jules will be considered from the baby’s viewpoint…

St Anton Cafe Review Jules

Jules is right on the high street and a stone’s throw from the Galzig and Rendl lifts. There is enough space to park a buggy inside. Or leave it outside on the terrace in winter (when the terrace is not in use). It is variably busy, but it is usually pretty quiet mid-morning or mid-afternoon. The terrace gets really busy in the spring once it gets the afternoon sunshine.

For us the main attraction is the bench seats which gives a crawling/just walking baby some space to clamber about. This is important in a ski resort because all the floors get soaking wet and gritty from snowy boots. There is also a colouring book/pencils on the book shelf which can entertain a baby old enough to enjoy turning pages/attempting to scribble while you drink your coffee.

St Anton Cafe Review Jules

They do a range of snacks and light meals throughout the day. But I usually just pop in for a coffee. (There are no changing facilities, so best for a quick pit stop rather than lengthy stay). The coffee is decent, as usual in Austria, and comes with a nice chocolate covered almond…mmm. If you do want to try the food, they serve Flammkuchen. Which is kind of like a German take on pizza, a flatbread covered in bacon bits. And they also do a sweet one with goats cheese and peach, but I haven’t dared try that yet.

You could even possibly try some low-key family apres ski here if you wanted to meet Daddy once he had finished skiing…

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    1. I depends when Easter falls; when it is early, April can be really quiet and an excellent time to visit.

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