Musings on how to do a Ski Season as a Family

Musings on how to do a Ski Season as a FamilyWe are very fortunate to have organised our life in such a way that, for now, we can spend most of the winter months in the mountains. There must be other families out there who would love to spend the ski season indulging their passion. These are my musings on how to do a ski season as a family, based on our experiences so far…
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#Take12Trips in 2017: Family Travel Review

Back in January I decided to take part in the #Take12Trips in 2017 challenge. At that time we were on an extended stay in western Austria for the ski season. So I was planning several day trips in the area. Then later in the year I was thinking of perhaps Spain or Romania. Plus a long haul trip somewhere like South Korea or Thailand. How did we get on…
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7 Toddler Trips in South Devon

Slapton Sands

We recently tried out 7 toddler trips in South Devon. It’s a little bit far for a weekend trip from London with a toddler, but just about achievable. East Devon is definitely more accessible!
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