Taking a Baby to the NFL Games in London

Daddy is a big NFL (American Football) fan, so having a baby was not going to prevent him going to the games in London. I would not even consider taking a baby to most sporting events, but NFL games are pretty family-friendly. In 2016, three games were held in London, two at Wembley Stadium and one at Twickenham Stadium. The games are usually held in September and October. Here are my tips for taking a baby to the NFL games in London.
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5 Places to Visit in London in May with a Toddler

The toddler and I are making our travel plans for May. We are aiming to visit a different place in London each week. It has to be somewhere new that we have not been to together before. We can’t be guaranteed of good weather in May, so we will largely be focusing on indoor attractions. And we are on a budget, so they should ideally be cheap. Here is my plan for 5 places to visit in London in May with a toddler.
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parkrun Tourism In London With A Baby

If you haven’t heard of parkrun, they organise free weekly timed runs all over the world. This is my first guide to parkrun tourism in London with a baby. The parkruns are held in scenic locations on weekend mornings, organised by volunteers. The runs are open to all. And they really mean that; they are very inclusive and friendly. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are. It really is just about taking part. The parkruns for adults are on a Saturday and 5 kilometres. For juniors they are on a Sunday and 2 kilometres. If you register on the website you can print a barcode to take with you to record an official time.
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Baby-Friendly Cafes in West London

I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have a cafe in my local park complete with small soft play area until I tried to find other baby-friendly cafes in West London. And while we have been away, this place has closed. What am I going to do now!?
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