Hiking on Koh Phangan with a Toddler: Thong Nai Pan Yai to Bottle Beach

Hiking on Koh Phangan with a Toddler

Bottle Beach, or Haad Khuad, is the next beach north-west of Thong Nai Pan Yai. It is a crescent of white sand backed by palm trees and a handful of small bungalow resorts. It is quite undeveloped and was laid back and quiet when we visited. I think this may be helped by the many websites that claim the only way to get to the beach is by longtail boat. That was the case for many years, but the road is now passable by motorbike or 4×4 if you are a confident driver (it is pretty rough and steep in parts). Or you can of course hike. Which is what we did. There is only so much sitting on a beach we can handle. So it was on with the trusty Tula carrier and off hiking on Koh Phangan with a toddler…

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Budget Honeymoon in Thailand with a Toddler

Budget Honeymoon in Thailand with a Toddler

We were on a tight budget honeymoon in Thailand with a toddler. We wanted to stay in accommodation that had decent reviews, as with a toddler you tend to spend a fair bit of time in the room. In addition, we needed to minimise travel hassle so focused on the Koh Samui archipelago. And of course wanted to find that elusive idyllic, laid-back beach environment. With a range of eating options… Read on to find out which destinations were both budget and toddler friendly…
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Best Beaches Near Lisbon

Best Beaches Near Lisbon‘Want a jumper on!’ But it’s 25 degrees outside. ‘Want a jumper on!’ But you’ll be far too hot. ‘Want a jumper on!’ Mummy sighs and gives in to unreasonable toddler demands. It turns out she was right though…
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Glamping at Camping Aichelberg, Germany

Glamping at Camping Aichelberg

‘I need a cup of tea’, demands Daddy. Very British. ‘No problem, there’s a kettle here’, says I. Pause… ‘Er, um, I don’t seem to be able to find a kettle. I’m sure there was one in the picture when I booked’. I trundle off to the reception to do a fabulous mime of a kettle whilst wittering on about ‘heißes Wasser’.
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3 Things to do in Rotterdam with a Toddler on a Monday

3 things to do in Rotterdam with a Toddler

There are lots of great things to do with a toddler in Rotterdam. But not on a Monday. It seems that almost every museum is shut. Which is a shame because the Maritime Museum has a great play area. It is marketed at 4 to 8 year olds, but it was perfect for my toddler. The only drawback is the entry fee. Although the under 4s are free, at 12.50 euros per adult the entry fee is quite expensive compared to other maritime museums in London and Bilbao. Especially as you only tend to spend a couple of hours in such places. Anyway, here are the 3 things to do in Rotterdam with a toddler on a Monday that I found…
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Eureka! Science Museum in San Sebastián

Eureka! Science Museum in San Sebastian

We had a great time at the Eureka! Science Museum in San Sebastián. So good in fact that I largely forgot to take any photos – apologies! There are lots of exhibits to keep all ages entertained, including our toddler. And in common with many European museums that I visit, it was practically deserted. I know it is a good thing that so many museums in London are freely accessible to all. But it doesn’t half make them busy by comparison.
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The Aquarium in San Sebastian

The Aquarium in San Sebastian

It is almost inevitable that when on holiday with a toddler, you will end up in an aquarium. You have a couple of hours to kill, perhaps the weather isn’t great, there’s not much else that is toddler-friendly… So on our recent weekend break we of course visited the aquarium in San Sebastian.
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Visiting Willows Activity Farm

Visiting Willows Activity FarmWe found visiting Willows Activity Farm a fun experience for a toddler. It is not the cheapest day out, but we found it very well organised (you get what you pay for and all that…). Willows Activity Farm is near St Albans in Hertfordshire, just off junction 22 of the M25. The entrance fee includes the kid’s farm, all shows, fun fair rides, a tractor ride, huge outdoor and indoor play areas, including the Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground. They hold different activities throughout the year, depending on the season. We visited in December, so there was of course a Christmas theme, including a visit to Santa.
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