#Take12Trips Challenge (with a baby)

I recently spotted the #Take12Trips Challenge on another blog: Need Another Holiday

This sounded like a fun travel challenge for my baby to take up for 2017. I did a similar challenge way back in 2004, firmly in pre-baby days. That included a couple of ski trips (Austria and Italy), lots of city breaks (Madrid, Cairo, Edinburgh, Berlin, Las Vegas, Amsterdam) and a short tour in Russia. How will it differ with a baby in tow?

Back then the ‘rule’ was that it had to be an overnight stay outside of England to ‘count’. This new challenge is fortunately a bit more relaxed in that a trip can be anything from a month-long holiday to a day out somewhere new. Which is great because it will encourage us to try out local destinations as well as those more far-flung.

At the moment we are based in the west of Austria. Which means some research into fun trips for babies in the winter!

Baby Loves Travel: #Take12Trips Challenge
View from Rendl 26/12/2016

#Take12Trips Challenge (with a baby): travel plans

The first three local trips on the baby’s travel wish list are:

  1. Innsbruck, Austria to check out sights such as the alpine zoo and the folk museum
  2. Liechtenstein just because you may as well go and check out one of the world’s smallest countries if you happen to be nearby!
  3. Bregenz, Austria to wander on the shore of Lake Constance

And the baby is also thinking of venturing off the beaten track a little this year. Perhaps a camping trip around the lakes of Andaluc√≠a? Or maybe a trip to the beach in Romania? She also fancies a long haul trip before mummy and daddy have to pay for a seat on the plane. South Korea or Thailand look exciting…

Stay tuned to see how my baby gets on with her #Take12Trips Challenge in 2017.


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