A Toddler’s Visit to the Science Museum in London

Toddler's Visit to the Science Museum in London

I am always talking about how many great opportunites there are in London. So I thought it was time to put the effort into making the most of living in a vibrant city. I am planning lots of days out with my toddler, Daisy, over the summer. Here is how I found our toddler’s visit to the Science Museum in London.

The Science Museum is a pretty big place, so do a bit of pre-planning. Take a look at the website to see which galleries may take your fancy. Then you will have an idea of roughly where to head.

A Toddler’s Visit to the Science Museum in London: The Garden

The Garden in the basement of the London Science Museum is aimed at 3-6 year olds. But my toddler enjoyed it too. Particularly a curtain made a yellow rubber strands. And running round and round in circles with a wheelbarrow. One of my top tips for visiting The Garden at the Science Museum in London with a toddler – take a change of clothes! Despite the bright orange overalls my toddler managed to get wet up to the shoulder in the water feature… We found that The Garden at the Science Museum in London really emptied out around 12 noon as all the other tinies went for lunch. This made it a great time to try out all the features. I must admit that earlier in our visit when it was busier the area felt rather cramped. And I suspect it wasn’t even that busy (there was a sign suggesting that you may have to queue to get in at busy times!) I find the ‘popular times’ graph on Google good for trying to pick quieter times to visit places.

A Toddler’s Visit to the Science Museum in London: Other Galleries

The Pattern Pod at the Science Museum in London is also great fun for toddlers. Again, this was a small area. But it was more open and airy than The Garden, which is stuck in the basement. We were having a great time there until what felt like a hundred school children turned up.

Toddler's Visit to the Science Museum in London

At that point we decided to abandon the areas aimed at the little ones. Those areas do have some great interactive features but they do get horribly busy. Daisy was just as happy wondering around the open spaces elsewhere. The entrance ramp at the Science Museum in London was apparently great fun to walk up and down. And one of my toddler’s favourite parts of the Science Museum in London was the Making the Modern World display. She got a chance to exercise some of her favourite words – car, tractor, train…

Toddler's Visit to the Science Museum in London

We also had lunch while we were there. There are a couple of spots to eat your own lunch. But I’m not that organised. And it looked like those areas were largely populated with hoards of school trips. It was probably a mistake to go to the cafe in the basement near The Garden. It was super family-friendly with lots of high chairs, lunch boxes for toddlers, etc. But it was rather a gloomy place. And accompanied by a din from the aforementioned school parties.

So overall it was a good trip. There is certainly lots for little ones to see and do. And of course entrance is free. But for me it was a little too busy.

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13 thoughts on “A Toddler’s Visit to the Science Museum in London

  1. I do love the Science Museum but does get pretty busy, especially with school parties. My boys love the water play in the Garden area, great tip about taking spare clothes as my two were wet through too! #CityTripping

  2. Awww it looks like she had a wonderful time wandering about 🙂 I really must take my two to visit before they get too old. I’m suspecting they probably already are but I am sure they will still love it 🙂

    Thanks for joining us over at #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky again 🙂

  3. Those two areas were definitely.my daughter’s favourite – still are! But the Garden especially does get busy although it seems they can all play together unlike the Pattern Pod when it’s one at a time. We’ve never seen it quiet but thankfully missed a lot of the school groups – in fact the last visit, my daughter went with her school! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    1. Yes, there was space for her to play with everything – it was just sometimes tricky squeezing past the parents to chase after her!

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