Travel-Friendly Crafts for a Toddler

Travel-Friendly Crafts for a ToddlerI am beginning to plan our winter trip. So have been researching travel-friendly crafts for a toddler. We will be travelling by car, so have some space to take some compact activities. But certainly not the heap of plastic she tends to play with at home. I am completely not crafty or creative, so need some inspiration. I normally leave this kind of stuff to nursery. Here is my list so far.

These ideas work for out and about, as well as at home (wherever ‘home’ may be that day…)

Travel-Friendly Crafts for a ToddlerClothes pins and pipe cleaners. I can see Daisy having fun with these, clipping the pegs on and off material, moving them from one container to another and so on.

Different coloured tape. This looks like it has many uses too. For example, creating coloured squares to stick on a window, practising colour matching, or to create roads to drive toy cars along.

Crayons, stickers and paper. Yes, not very inventive. But can keep a toddler quiet and entertained for a while in a relatively clean fashion.

For hanging out a ‘home’ if the weather is bad or having a relaxing day

Travel-Friendly Crafts for a Toddler

Paints and paper. Virtually every craft I can find seems to involve some sort of painting – whether it be sponge painting, painting with cardboard tubes, making prints with vegetables… The options seem to be limitless. So I shall stock up on paints to take with us. Along with a coverall to protect her clothes.

Play tunnel and soft ball. More an activity than a craft, but still good for developing motor skills. Our play tunnel flat packs so is easy to transport, as is an inflatable ball. The tunnel will be fun for crawling and rolling the ball through. And of course a ball is very handy to have around for playing outside and in the pool.

Playing Post Office. We won’t have the space to take a toy kitchen or dolls house with us. But a shoe box with a slit cut in the top and some junk mail means that we can set up a pretend post office with compact resources.

Laces. For threading beads and through card. I like the look of these lacing pictures, which would also be portable enough to take out and about.

Play-doh. There are some handy mini size packs of Play-doh that I think I will have to invest in. A bit of a fail-safe option…

Travel-Friendly Crafts for a Toddler

Does anyone else have some good ideas?


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  1. Brilliant ideas! I especially like the one about taking a play tunnel and an inflatable ball, ideal to be able to have big items there that are familiar from home and will occupy them but without the hassle of taking them. My friend made my two a play kitchen out of fabric that goes on the back of a chair. It’s a game changer for taking with us to play anywhere! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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