Yoga in Tuscany with a Toddler

Yoga in Tuscany with a ToddlerI had some time free for a break but Daddy didn’t. I looked for somewhere to take my toddler Daisy that would give her lots to do. But that ideally would also give me an occasional chance to relax. I’m not normally looking for places designated as ‘child-friendly’. But as I was travelling solo it would be nice to be in an environment where there was at least a chance of a conversation with a sympathetic adult or two. My internet research found lots of child-friendly places, but most aimed at parents travelling together.

I stumbled across an old review for the Mum and Baby Experience. It sounded ideal. A bit of yoga and massage for me. Lots of toys and a swimming pool for Daisy. As an added bonus, this year there was a ‘Yoga, Cooking and Social Media’ week. This included workshops on how to make the most of social media for marketing. So I could even pretend it was work…

The Mum and Baby Experience: Yoga in Tuscany with a Toddler

It was certainly a stress free experience, from the included pick up from Perugia airport, including car seats, to the rooms equipped with cots. This meant that there was minimal baby ‘stuff’ to take. Basically just nappies and snacks / toys for the journey. Everything was included – excellent food and wine, cooking classes, social media workshops, yoga classes, a massage, babysitting, a day trip…

This meant that it was possibly about as relaxing a holiday as you can get travelling solo with a toddler. There were great views from the terrace of the villa – a nice spot for a pre-dinner nap one day.

Villa Radicata

The villa is tucked away up on a hillside up a mixture of roads and tracks. This makes for a very tranquil location. One villa provides accommodation for the guests and the other is the home of the owner, Rita, and her family. I had a very nice room. Complete with its own little terrace. Which was useful when you wanted some space to yourself. Or needed a rest from being constantly vigilant over what the toddler was up to…

A Typical Day

On a typical day, we would be up for breakfast around 8.30, joining the other mum and baby who were on our break. After breakfast we had a social media workshop while our baby and toddler were looked after by Rita and her two kids.

Then it was time for lunch – yes there was a lot of eating! The food was great lots of fresh salads, along with authentic Italian pasta and pizza. And wine. Apparently the fitness breaks are very popular. But I didn’t see the point of going to Tuscany and not trying all the food…

There was generally some free time after lunch, perfect for a swim. Or I could attempt to read a book while D attempted to nap. Later in the afternoon there may be a cooking demonstration or a massage. Followed by a yoga session while your baby or toddler is again looked after for you. The yoga sessions were very gentle and an ideal way to unwind.

There may be time for a quick walk before dinner. We chose to all eat together, but on some breaks the babies have dinner first, followed by the mums. Again, there was a fantastic array of food. Some of which you had learnt how to cook that afternoon. I found it pleasant to have others to chat to over dinner and I think D enjoyed the social experience too.

Anghiari Day Trip

On the middle day of our trip we went on a visit to Anghiari. This is a small medieval town set on a hill with the Tiber River at its feet. In 1440 it was the site of the Battle of Anghiari, when Florentine troops won the battle against the army from Milano. The town is still enclosed by its 13th century walls, which preserves the original atmosphere. This makes it a quaint place to wander around and breathe in the atmosphere.

Overall, this was a relaxing break. If you are travelling solo but looking for a more social experience this may fit the bill. It is also perfect if you are at all worried about travelling on your own with your baby as everything is organised for you and stress free.

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19 thoughts on “Yoga in Tuscany with a Toddler

  1. It sounds ideal for travelling alone with a toddler. So good that they provide childcare to really allow you to enjoy your break. #familytraveltips

    1. It is a great concept – I wish there were more places like this with different sports / activities

  2. Wow this looks like a really lovely break. I love yoga, particularly whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Sounds so relaxing!#famtraveltips

  3. This looks amazing for families. I love Tuscany (we got married there). I can not wait to go back one day and take the kids. #familytraveltips

  4. Oh gosh, this sounds utterly perfect! How lovely that you managed such a relaxing break. I agree with you about eating the food, gosh it would be such a shame not to! The fitness breaks do sound fun as well though! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

  5. This sounds absolutely perfect! I had no idea that places like this would even exist! It sounds so wonderful! Thanks so much for linking up to #ThePlaceWeWillGoLinky x

    1. It was lovely to stay somewhere geared towards solo parents – probably as relaxing as you can get on your own with a toddler!

  6. I’ve actually just come back from my first solo parenting trip and it was a huge success. Will definitely have to check this one out. They seem to have thought of everything! And Italy is always a good idea with little ones 🙂 #FamilyFriendlyStays

    1. It was a good location to combine with visiting Pisa or Florence too. I’ve done a few solo parenting trips – always fun, but also exhausting!

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