Buggy-friendly Summer Walks in St Anton am Arlberg

There are some beautiful buggy-friendly summer walks in St Anton am Arlberg. This means that you can get out in the freash mountain air even with a little one. The slower pace is perfect for taking in the gorgeous mountain scenery.

Buggy-friendly Summer Walks in St Anton am Arlberg: Verwall

Buggy-friendly summer walks in St Anton am Arlberg

This is the perfect choice for a walk with a buggy. It takes you 10km along the Verwall valley, around the lake and back again. Or you can catch the bus back if you want to halve the distance! The start of the walk is very accessible. You can either park at the head of the trail or catch the bus from the village.

It is possible to take a buggy on both the tarmac road and the footpath (which becomes the cross country ski track in the winter). Both are flat and smooth enough for a buggy. And on the plus side, you can’t possibly get lost.

The scenery is beautiful. You pass through forest, scattered with wild flowers. There are many streams and mini waterfalls, along with the main river, dam and lake. If your toddler needs a break from walking, there is a playground on the shore of the lake. And there is a handy restaurant just down from the lake should you need refreshments.

New for the summer of 2017 is a mountain bike track. It wasn’t quite yet open when we visited last, but apparently there will be a separate children’s obstacle course. It sounds like it could be fun for older kids who have got to the bike riding age. I will check it out next time we are there and let you know….

Another new attraction that opened in the summer of 2017 was the 35-metre-long steel rope bridge just before the dam. Yep, I look comfortable 20 meters above the river there…

Buggy-friendly Summer Walks in St Anton am Arlberg: Rendl

Another buggy-friendly option is to walk up or down from Rendl. Make sure you plan this on a day that the lift is open – the Rendl gondola is usually open 2 days a week during the summer. There is a great little play area at the lift station, complete with a very scenic sandpit. And a restaurant if you would simply rather take in the view than walk anywhere.

We used a baby carrier when we went on this walk as we were not sure what the terrain would be like. But you can follow a mountain bike trail the whole way which would be passable with a rugged buggy. Although be aware the first / last 3km are fairly steeply down / up a mountain. You would want a leash on the buggy, just in case. The other 5km or so wind back down the valley (watch out for the occasional car).

(NB don’t follow our route off to the right on the second map – that path is certainly not buggy friendly. Head back to the lift valley station and end your walk there)

The steeper part of the walk…

It doesn’t look too bad, but you definitely head down, down, down…

As an added bonus though, the Rossfallalpe mountain restaurant is at the end of this train for a sit down and a drink. Then it is a simple wander back down the valley to the lift station.

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6 thoughts on “Buggy-friendly Summer Walks in St Anton am Arlberg

  1. Really useful info for tackling a wonderful Austrian walk with a buggy – I’m sure parents with little ones will appreciate it.
    We’re off to Austria in October – hoping for some great walks and fab views too!

  2. This is really helpful Lisa. We are buggy free now (hooray!) but it was quite frustrating not being able to do walks when our twins were very small. A great resource. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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