Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am Arlberg, Austria

This my regular buggy friendly winter walk in St Anton am Arlberg. I think I did this walk pretty much every day when D was tiny while she napped in the pram. I am assuming that you have a buggy that will cope with a little hard packed snow; this is a ski resort after all. It is a circular walk of approximately 2.7km. It will take around 40 minutes at a leisurely stroll with a buggy if you are also stopping to take photos.

Route Description: part one

  1. I’m starting the route at the Rendlbahn. But of course you can start anywhere as it is circular.Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am Arlberg
  2. First, head down past the bus terminal and over past the train station. On your left you will see Arl Rock, the local climbing wall. There is also a good Thai restaurant here, Skiing Buddah. Then pass up the road between Arl Rock and the train station.
  3. Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am ArlbergWalk through the station car park and follow the track out the other side. This is actually a road, but rarely used in the winter, therefore there shouldn’t be any traffic to worry about. Continue to follow this path all the way along to the start of the cross country ski track (Loipe). To your left you will get a good view of the ski slopes opposite and the Rosanna river.
  4. At the beginning of the cross country ski track (Loipe) you will see a bridge to your left. Cross over here, through the car park, and through the underpass under the main road. Once under the road, turn right. There are sometimes cars around here, so keep an eye out.
  5. Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am ArlbergFollow the path up to the road. On your left you may see the Audi driving experience, depending on the time of year. Cross over the road and continue up the road with the barriers towards the Nassereinbahn.
  6. You are about half way, so if you fancy a coffee stop there are a couple of options. At the Nassereinbahn you could deviate right through the Ost Terminal car park to visit the bakery. A good place for coffee or to stock up on tasty bread and cakes. At the left hand side of the Nassereinbahn you will see steps up to the Sonnegg restaurant which is a great place for lunch. And they have high chairs available too, but no baby changing facilities. To continue the walk, turn left and take the upper path with the barrier.Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am Arlberg

    Route Description: part two

  7. This footpath follows where the train line used to run through the village. It is pedestrianised, but keep an eye out for the train shuttling ski school kids from one end of resort to the other! Also, there are lots of sculptures placed along this trail. So keep a look out for those too.
  8. At the end of the path, by the snow covered tennis courts, cut across the car park to ARLBERG-well.com. This swimming pool is great for babies and toddlers. There is also an outdoor ice rink for older kids. Past the pool is the playground. Again, probably somewhere you will end up spending time with both toddlers and older kids.Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am Arlberg
  9. And finally it’s just a short stretch along the road back to the Rendlbahn.

Route Map

9 thoughts on “Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am Arlberg, Austria

    1. It’s all about the clothes! If you are warm, dry and comfortable then you can get up to all sorts of activities in the cold weather.

  1. I definitely would have turned right at the Nassereinbahn! ;o) The sculptures along the way look very interesting, and the playground doesn’t look bad at all. I think we would definitely enjoy a family walk here – thanks! #FearlessFamTrav

    1. They seem to close most of the playgounds in these parts for the winter, so it is nice to find one that is open in the snow.

  2. I almost died when I brought my not-snow-friendly stroller to Hokkaido in winter. Coming from Singapore, it never occurred to me that there are snow-friendly strollers and that taking a baby out for a stroll in a buggy is actually possible! #FearlessFamTrav

    1. We’re getting to the point now where we need to find some very short, toddler-friendly walks, as I don’t think she is going to be happy in the buggy much longer!

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