Buggy Friendly Summer Walks in Zakynthos

Looking back to our holiday in June 2016, here are two buggy friendly summer walks in Zakynthos. A substantial sun shade for your buggy is essential; we were using the Mountain Buggy one. We weren’t using our Mountain Buggy Terrain though. On our summer travels we took a much less bulky Mothercare Nanu model. Which had the advantage of laying completely flat for nap times when out and about.

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Buggy Friendly Winter Walk in St Anton am Arlberg, Austria

This my regular buggy friendly winter walk in St Anton am Arlberg. I think I did this walk pretty much every day when D was tiny while she napped in the pram. I am assuming that you have a buggy that will cope with a little hard packed snow; this is a ski resort after all. It is a circular walk of approximately 2.7km. It will take around 40 minutes at a leisurely stroll with a buggy if you are also stopping to take photos.

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