A Toddler’s Visit to the Science Museum in London

Toddler's Visit to the Science Museum in London

I am always talking about how many great opportunites there are in London. So I thought it was time to put the effort into making the most of living in a vibrant city. I am planning lots of days out with my toddler, Daisy, over the summer. Here is how I found our toddler’s visit to the Science Museum in London.
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A Toddler’s Visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park

A toddler’s visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park would be straightforward. But our demands were a little more complex. It is an increasing challenge to find venues for multi-generational days out. Especially as the toddler increasingly just wants to run about. Shepreth Wildlife Park appeared to tick lots of the boxes. Something for the toddler to do, wheelchair accessible for great granny, drivable to from Cambridge, on the train line from London, has a cafe for lunch…
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Glamping in Belgium with a Toddler

We decided to try glamping in Belgium with a toddler. It wasn’t called ‘glamping’ when we booked. But on reflection it’s probably what it would be marketed as in the UK. For some reason we haven’t got round to camping with the toddler yet. So this was a comfortable and fun way to dip our toes in the waters.
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Visiting Wildpark Pforzheim in Germany with a Toddler

The Wildpark in Pforzheim, located in south-western Germany, is billed as one of the most popular attractions in the region. The car park was certainly busy when we stopped by on a sunny Monday afternoon in spring. But the park itself was easily big enough to accommodate the number of visitors. This is my guide to visiting Wildpark Pforzheim in Germany with a toddler.
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Road Trip with a Toddler (Best Laid Plans…)

I thought it would be a great idea to turn our drive back to the UK from Austria into a road trip. I had all sorts of plans. First we would be organised and be ready to leave on time. We would head off early and stop for breakfast by the scenic Lake Bodensee (Constance in English). Then drive for 3 hours or so to our lunch stop at Wildpark Pforzheim. We would then have time for an afternoon break at one of the fab looking playgrounds in Luxembourg. Before stopping for the night on a farm near Arlon in Belgium. On the second day, we would then have a simple, short drive to the coast to catch the ferry. However, a road trip with a toddler does not always go to plan. Here is the reality of day one…
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Innsbruck Alpenzoo With A Toddler

Innsbruck Alpenzoo is a fun little zoo for toddlers. If a little hilly. But the hilltop location means that there are great views of Innsbruck. There is a range of Alpine animals, from bears to snakes, via otters and lynxes. This and the setting makes for a different experience from many other small zoos. There is also a wide selection of birds but they were not of much interest to Daisy. She liked looking at the fish and frogs in the aquarium and the snakes. Anything where you could lift her up to the glass for a closer look.
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Bludenz-läuft with a baby (a running festival in Austria)

We like to get out-and-about walking and running with our baby. I had failed to start the Bludenz half marathon two years ago (pregnant). And the 6km city walk last year (running spectacularly late). This year I was determined to make the start line. Daddy wanted to run in the half marathon. So I went for the 6km city walk again. And I had a great experience taking part in the Bludenz-läuft with a baby.
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Austria Ski Season with a Baby: St Anton Cafe Review, Sonnegg

As part of writing about my ski season in Austria with a baby, I will review cafes and restaurants in St Anton am Arlberg. Which are baby-friendly? Do they have space for a pram or buggy? Is it quiet? Is there space for crawlers to clamber around? Are there changing facilities (ha ha)? In this fourth St Anton cafe review, Sonnegg will be considered from the baby’s viewpoint…
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