5 Family-Friendly Beaches in Corfu

Family-Friendly Beaches in Corfu

Corfu (Kerkyra) is a beautiful island in the Ionian island group. It is a lush, green island with many wonderful beaches. It has long been a popular holiday destination with many well-known bustling resorts. However, as a family you may be looking for somewhere quieter. I know I am always searching for that elusive sandy cove surrounded by green trees and mountains. Yet not too remote to access with little ones. And ideally with an excellent taverna on hand. These are my five favourite family-friendly beaches in Corfu.

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Best Beaches Near Lisbon

Best Beaches Near Lisbon‘Want a jumper on!’ But it’s 25 degrees outside. ‘Want a jumper on!’ But you’ll be far too hot. ‘Want a jumper on!’ Mummy sighs and gives in to unreasonable toddler demands. It turns out she was right though…
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Going to the Beach in London

Going to the Beach in London

Yes, you read that right. Going to the beach in London. So you just don’t have the time for a holiday. Or even a day trip to the seaside. So where can you go for a fix of sand and water?
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