Finding Snow Clothes for a Toddler

Finding Snow Clothes for a ToddlerI always have trouble finding snow clothes for a toddler. In the UK you can find ski wear for 4 year olds and upwards without too much trouble. But the winter clothes for younger kids generally won’t cut it in deep snow and minus temperatures The things called ‘snow’ suits are generally rubbish for actual snow as they are not waterproof enough.
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Travel-Friendly Crafts for a Toddler

Travel-Friendly Crafts for a ToddlerI am beginning to plan our winter trip. So have been researching travel-friendly crafts for a toddler. We will be travelling by car, so have some space to take some compact activities. But certainly not the heap of plastic she tends to play with at home. I am completely not crafty or creative, so need some inspiration. I normally leave this kind of stuff to nursery. Here is my list so far.
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Camping with a Toddler Packing Checklist

A Toddler's Weekend in East DevonWe’ve been camping a lot this summer. East Devon, South Devon, Camper Calling… So I thought that my camping with a toddler packing checklist would be good to share. I like to pack light, but with camping have tendency to shove everything we might need in the car. Even though it is a big car, it can reach bursting point! And then without a list I tend to forget something important. Like the stove…
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Book Review of One Year Off by David Elliot Cohen

This is the second in a series of reviews of books about family travel. This book review of One Year Off by David Elliot Cohen will give you an outline, but hopefully not any spoilers. Similar to the first book I reviewed, this documents the travels of an American family. But of course their story and their experiences were entirely different…
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5 Tips for a Road Trip with a Toddler

Road Trip with a Toddler

We recently had a long road trip with our toddler. All in the trip would take about 14 hours. In our pre-baby days we would have just driven it in one stretch. But with a toddler we opted for an overnight stay. And two days driving of around 7 hours. Along the way we picked up 5 tips for a road trip with a toddler.
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5 Tips for Train Travel with a Toddler

I have recently made some mid-length train trips with my toddler Daisy. These train trips were for around 3 hours. So long enough to need a bit of thought about how to keep her entertained. From what I learnt, these are my 5 tips for train travel with a toddler.
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Book Review of 360 Degrees Longitude by John Higham

This post features a book review of 360 Degrees Longitude by John Higham. I have always enjoyed reading travel books. I particularly like the type that tell a story about an epic overland trip. To give you an idea of the type of book I mean, two of my favourites are Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux and Blood River by Tim Butcher. Yes, I know they are both about travel in Africa. But there is something about that continent that grabs my imagination. Both books share a healthy balance of history and personal experience. Since starting my blog it occurred to me that there must be some family travel books out there. I have been searching for stories of family travels that provide inspiration for adventures.
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Tips for Packing Light for a City Break with a Baby

Pre-baby I considered myself something of a master at packing light. I have recently been thinking about how I have adapted this for packing light for a city break with a baby. I dislike having to wait for luggage to be off-loaded from a plane. And as a budget traveller there is nothing worse than lugging huge bags to and from the airport / boat / train. A baby has huge potential to bring a house full of stuff with it on holiday. Is it possible to still pack light with a baby?
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