A Visit To Kindercity, Zurich, Switzerland

Itinerary For 24 Hours In Zurich With A Toddler

If you are in Zurich with a toddler, a visit to Kindercity comes up on all the ‘things to do with kids’ lists. Kindercity is described as a science city for kids that is much more hands-on than a museum. It is aimed at ages from three to twelve, but I went with a 16 month old. Here is how we found our visit to Kindercity…

Visit to Kindercity: Toddler Activities

Visit to Kindercity

The main area, called Knowledge Lanes, is divided into three play areas, each targeted to a different age group. It looks as though the separate areas used to be closed off. But on our visit you were free to roam from one to another. Which made for an exhausting trip with an active toddler.

The Baby Lane

The Baby Lane is aimed at the under 3s. It is a small area with a slide, noisy frogs, tunnels and dens to crawl in and sensory areas with things to see and feel. It would have been good if the area still had a gate. To keep the toddler in and older kids out.

The Beetle Lane

The Beetle Lane is aimed at 2 to 7 year olds. But my 16 month old liked this area. There was a floor piano and hanging cowbells to make noise. She liked getting wet in the water feature where you could fish for rubber ducks. And there was a large structure for climbing on and through. However, she had the most fun simply throwing a ball around.

There is a corner here with coffee and sofas for the adults. Note there is no other refreshments in this section and once in, you cannot come and go. So make sure you take anything you need, such as water and fresh nappies, in with you. Rather than leaving them in the locker like me…

I couldn’t quite tell where the Beetle Lane ended and the Expedition Lane, aimed at 6 to 12 year olds, started. Anyway, there was a section focussed on construction, with ride-on vehicles and building materials. The toddler loved climbing up and down the stairs in this section. That tends to be her favourite ‘exhibit’ wherever we are. There were also plants to smell and touch and a drawing area, but not really at toddler height. There was also a child-sized pinart toy, which looked great fun for older kids.

The Expedition Lane

The final area was definitely aimed at the older ones and focussed on the human body, with a climbing wall and exercise equipment. However, the toddler enjoyed running around this area too.


The café is suitable for a toddler and of course has baby change facilities. We were there just before it closed so only had coffee and cake (and fruit for the little one). That came to 7 CHF which wasn’t massively expensive for Zurich.


There isn’t much specifically aimed at the under 3s. However, it was a nice, if a little expensive, indoor space to let off some steam on a rainy afternoon.

Visit to Kindercity: Other Activities

There are lots of other activities aimed at older kids, including:

An outside play area on the roof of the building. For an extra fee, kids can drive little go carts and take a train around the roof.

Many cooking and crafting workshops.

The Technolino Lab, focusing on technology and natural sciences.

A cinema showing children’s movies.

Visit to Kindercity: Getting There

From Zurich main station, take the S-Bahn S9 or S14 toward Uster or Hinwil to Schwerzenbach station. The train journey is approximately 15 minutes.

From Schwerzenabch station you can take the bus 726 and get off at the first stop Volkiland, Chliriet or Kindercity is approximately 10-15 minutes walk from the station.

In 2017, Kindercity was open Monday-Sunday from 10am to 6pm (check opening times).

The entrance fee was 22.50 CHF for one adult and the 16 month old was free (check prices).

We spent around 2 and a half hours there.




9 thoughts on “A Visit To Kindercity, Zurich, Switzerland

    1. Tell me about it, at the moment any time we go out for lunch I end up just doing laps of the restaurant!

  1. We’ve been to a couple of places a bit like this – always lots of fun for kids, although having taken my daughter to one aged about two, with a miniature attention span and desire to run around a lot, it’s definitely easier when they’re a bit older and can play properly! Good tip for Zurich too which I never think of as hugely child-friendly… Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    1. I must admit I was jealous of the parents of older kids who got to sit on the sofa reading and drinking coffee. I guess those days will come all too fast though!

  2. I always used to get a bit narrow eyed at play areas for the very small which didn’t have a gate to stop the little people rampaging away when your back was turned. This does sound like it has a lot of good variety though. Good find!

  3. Interesting place that I did not know about. There would appear to be something for all ages of kids here. Definitely something to keep in mind the next time we’re in the Zürich area on a rainy day. Thanks! #CityTripping

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