parkrun Tourism In London With A Baby

parkrun tourism in London with a baby

If you haven’t heard of parkrun, they organise free weekly timed runs all over the world. This is my first guide to parkrun tourism in London with a baby. The parkruns are held in scenic locations on weekend mornings, organised by volunteers. The runs are open to all. And they really mean that; they are very inclusive and friendly. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are. It really is just about taking part. The parkruns for adults are on a Saturday and 5 kilometres. For juniors they are on a Sunday and 2 kilometres. If you register on the website you can print a barcode to take with you to record an official time.
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Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre, London

Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre is in Hanwell, West London. It is a small centre with a variety of animals and birds, including meerkats, as well as domestic animals such as rabbits, chickens and pigs. And best of all it is free! Although you can make a donation if you wish.
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Baby-Friendly Cafes in West London

I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have a cafe in my local park complete with small soft play area until I tried to find other baby-friendly cafes in West London. And while we have been away, this place has closed. What am I going to do now!?
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5 Tips for Using the London Underground With a Baby

The London Underground isn’t the most baby friendly form of transport, but it is perfectly possible to use it to get about with a baby in tow. And on the plus side it is free for under 11s. Plus baby D loves to break the unwritten rule about not making eye contact on the tube, thus freaking people out by staring at them for ages… These are my top 5 tips for travelling on the London Underground with a baby

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