Which Buggy to Take Skiing with a Baby?

I had a list of several features we were looking for when choosing which buggy to take skiing with a baby:

  1. Must be robust enough to cope with snowy paths
  2. Is also able to cope with rugged trails and terrain
  3. Can run with the buggy, once the baby is old enough
  4. Ideally be usable from birth
  5. The model has a strong secondhand market

I wasn’t so worried about size (we have a big estate car). Or manoeuvrability (if in the city or shopping we were intending to primarily use a sling).

Based on these factors, I drew up a short-list of which buggy to take skiing with a baby:

These were all well know brands of running buggy that got good reviews.

      1. Mountain Buggy Terrain – this met all our requirements because you can purchase a carrycot to use the buggy from birth. See Mountain Buggy Terrain Buggy Graphite for specification and more details.
      2. Out n About Nipper Sport – this was an interesting option. It lies flat so can be used from newborn without having to buy additional accessories. See Out n About Nipper Sport v4 Stroller Steel Grey for full details.
      3. BOB Sport Utility – this one required an infant car seat adaptor and compatible car seat to be usable from birth. This made it slightly more complicated than the other two.

Given that all these buggies are horrendously expensive new, it was then a matter of waiting to see what came up in the secondhand market…

The Buggy to Take Skiing with a Baby: Mountain Buggy Terrain

buggy to take skiing with a babyWe ended up with a very old model Mountain Buggy Terrain. (I think from way back before the company was taken over by Phil & Teds). We got a very good deal on the buggy, complete with carrycot and sunscreen. It was missing the original shopping basket, but that didn’t matter to us as we were not intending to go shopping with the buggy! Supplement with a universal foot muff and rain cover and we were all set to explore the world.Which buggy to take skiing with a baby

For the first few months, we were using the carrycot attachment for numerous walks down (and up!) snowy pavements and trails in a mountain village. It passed through snowy conditions with no trouble and the tyres felt reassuringly grippy.

We graduated to the forward facing buggy seat at about 6 months. A nice feature is that the seat will recline (a little, not completely flat) if baby fancies a nap. There is a five point harness and wrist strap for security in rugged terrain or while running.

So far the buggy has coped well with everything we have thrown at it, from parkrun to snow to mountain walks. I am very pleased with the buggy and can recommend this  buggy to take skiing with a baby.

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