5 Things To Do in a Ski Resort with a Baby

So what can you get up to with a baby in a ski resort? How easy is it to get out and about? We were based in St Anton am Arlberg for the ski season when our baby ranged from 2 to 6 months old. Here were our favourite 5 things to do to in a ski resort with a baby:

1. Go for a swim

An great indoor activity you can do in a ski resort with a baby is swim. Right from 2 months of age it was great fun to go for a splash about in the pool.Baby Loves Travel: Things to do in a ski resort with a baby: swimming Especially as the Wellness Centre in St Anton is so nice! Although it is expensive – so if you’re planning on doing this a lot, it is definitely worth getting a season pass. Particularly as to start with when Daisy was teeny tiny 15-20 minutes in the pool was enough. Although it is a regular pool, the water indoors is warm enough for a baby in my opinion. There are lots of water features (waterfalls, bubbles) to enjoy. The pool has a metallic finish which gives some interesting visual effects for a baby. And there are some wide steps for easy access! There is a baby pool with bubbles, running water and slide, but for us this looked more fun for a toddler.

2. Go for a walk

Baby Loves Travel: things to do in a ski resort with a baby: walking

A free outdoor activity you can do to get out and about in a ski resort with a baby is walk. There are numerous scenic walks, even in winter. If you have a rugged pram / buggy most of the paths in the valleys are perfectly passable. One of our regular daily walks was on the track up above the Rosanna river starting by the train station, down under the road and back along the path by the Wellness Centre. This provides some good views of the ski slopes and the latter path is populated with sculptures (for you to point out to your sleeping baby). If you fancy something a bit lengthier, the walk up Verwall valley is a good choice, particularly in the spring sunshine.

3. Go out for coffee/lunch/dinner

Baby Loves Travel: things to do in a sk resort with a baby: coffeePerhaps not that exciting a suggestion, but many of the cafes and restaurants in St Anton have plenty of space for a pram. And it gives babies ample opportunity to indulge in some people watching. Also, it means you can take advantage of the immobility of your baby to sample some of the excellent food. Trying to prevent a mobile baby from crawling through the puddles of melted water from ski boots is not so fun.


4. Head up for a trip in a cable car

Baby Loves Travel: Things to do in a ski resort with a baby: cable car trip

Finally a skiing related activity to do in a ski resort with your baby! To be honest, when I tried this, Daisy generally slept on the way up, was uninterested at the top and cried on the way down. But it provides you with a good photo opportunity at the top of Valluga. By the time she was older (around 10 months) she loved looking out the window of the cable car. So perhaps hang on until they are older for this one (definitely if you are going to splash out on a lift pass just for this trip). And check the weather; preferably pick a warm sunny day in spring.

5. Head out for a trip to the shops

Baby Loves Travel: things to do in a ski resort with a baby: shopping

Again, doesn’t sound that exciting to an adult. But Daisy loved looking at stuff even just in the local supermarket. She thought it was even better once she could sit up in the trolley! It also gives you a good excuse for a trip out of resort. St Anton is well connected to local towns such as Landeck and Innsbruck is not too far away. Daisy’s favourite shops: C&A and Ikea.


What things does your baby like to do in a ski resort?



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22 thoughts on “5 Things To Do in a Ski Resort with a Baby

    1. We ski a lot, so had to make it happen! I think skiing is one of those things that you either love or hate!

  1. This just confirms what most parents know – babies like simple pleasures so it doesn’t really matter whether you’re in a town in England or a ski resort in France – swimming, going for a walk and watching the world go by. Perfect!

  2. Some great ideas, we’ve been swimming with ours since they were tiny and they are confident in the water now. A cable car ride with a little one is a great idea too! Thanks for linking up to #FamilyTravelTips.

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