Skiing from Warth to St Anton in pictures

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

Warth is a small village in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. Warth is located at 1,500 metres directly within the Warth-Schröcken ski area and is linked to the wider Arlberg ski area. It is possible to ski all the way from Warth to St Anton am Arlberg (and vice versa). This is my guide to skiing from Warth to St Anton in pictures.


Skiing from Warth to St Anton

The first step is to get on the Steffisalp-Express from Warth village.

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

From the Steffisalp-Express you need to drop down to the Wartherhorn-Express. You have the choice of a black (number 276) or a blue (number 272). You can see the lift from the top of the Steffisalp-Express so you can’t go wrong.

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

The next lift you are looking for is the Hochalpbahn. This takes you up to a high point in the Warth-Schröcken ski area. There are some beautiful views across to Lech from here. To get to the Hochalpbahn from the top of the Wartherhorn-Express, simply follow blue 291. Make sure you keep following the piste down behind the Karhornbahn lift.

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

From the top of the Hochalpbahn, follow red 258 to the Auenfeldjet to take you across to the next village, Lech. This piste can suffer a bit in the sunshine and from the amount of traffic it gets. This is a long lift of over 2km, so time to have a rest and take in the views. Remember to stay on the lift right to the top, ignore the mid-station.


Skiing from Warth to St Anton

From the top of the Auenfeldjet there are a number of different routes down to Lech. One of my favourites is blue 200 into red 208 and back into blue 200. From this route you get some great views across to Rüfikopf – where you are headed next…

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

This is the slightly annoying bit where you have to take your skis off to walk across the river and road to access the Rüfikopf cable car…

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

…but it is worth it. There are some fabulous mountain views from up here. And a useful viewing platform for a photo stop. If it is time for lunch or a drink stop, the restaurant at the top makes the most of the view and is reasonably priced, for Lech. This view on towards Zürs is one I never get tired of.

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

From the top of Rüfikopf cable car I prefer to take ski route 181 to the Schüttboden t-bar. Don’t be put off by the ski route designation – until the 17/18 season it was designated a red piste and nothing about it seems to have changed… Fortunately there are not too many t-bars in the Arlberg ski region. This is one of only a handful that I ever use. If you really want to avoid this one, take blue 180 from the top of Rüfikopf; you can usually traverse across off-piste and avoid the lift.

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

From the top of Schüttboden simply follow blue 185 into Zürs, keeping an eye on the beautiful views.


Take the Trittalp lift up above Zürs. Again, there are many routes down into Zürs from here. I always take red 125 to where it links up with blue 123 and follow that as it winds down to the bottom. I am clearly a creature of habit… Then it is time to hop onto Trittkopfbahn for the last leg of the journey. Make sure you get on at the right entrance – you need the entrance signposted for the mid-station and St Anton. Make sure you change at the mid-station to switch onto the Flexenbahn to take you across to the St Anton ski area.

St Anton

Skiing from Warth to St Anton

From the bottom of the Flexenbahn, take Valfagehrbahn up into the heart of the St Anton ski area. To head towards the village, take blue 78. This is very flat, so get up as much speed as possible. Unfortunately in 17/18 the blue route, Steissbachtal, was closed due to avalanche risk. This means you have to follow another flat track to Tanzböden. From here, expert skiers can cut across to Kandahar (black 52), which leads you into blue 50 to the bottom. Be warned that this is a lovely run in the morning, but by the afternoon is covered in moguls the size of elephants. For beginners/non fans of moguls/those who need a rest, go up the Tanzböden lift. From there you can cut across blue piste 64 and take the Galzigbahn down. And relax at the bottom with a nice cold beer…

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  1. I always feel like I’m missing out on something amazing bc I don’t ski! Views like this make me wanna learn but I’m so afraid of falling and breaking a bone! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  2. I love the look of the snowy mountains but I am not a skier. Relaxing at the bottom with an adult beverage sounds right up my alley though. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  3. Amazing photos. I would so love to go skiing one day. For now, I crave for the sun and all my holidays are to beach resorts. But skiing in Austria has now been added to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. All the places look amazing! I’m a skier, but have´t done it in Austria yet. The view where you walk across the river with skis is amazing, while I wouldn’t like taking off my skis and carrying them lol #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. That’s a tricky question – and harder to answer as my gps watch ran out that day. You can definitely make it a full day out from St Anton, especially if you stop for lunch

  5. I really need to up my snowboarding skills to properly appreciate places like these a bit better. Photos are great! Maybe Ill get to experience it one day. Thanks for sharing! #theweeklypostcard

  6. My husband and I talked so many times to go skiing to St Anton (and/or surrounding resorts), but never managed to get there. From where we live it is just a tiny bit too far for a day-trip. Reading your post and looking at your photos, it seems like we’re missing out some lovely skiing. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. It does have some great skiing – especially for the more expert / adventurous skier

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