Maritime Museum in Bilbao with a Toddler

The Maritime Museum in Bilbao, or the Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao, provides some fun for a toddler for an hour or two. It is located on the river on the site of a former shipyard, not far from the Guggenheim Bilbao. We chose the maritime museum over the art gallery as we thought the latter may be a bit sedate for an active toddler.

Maritime Museum in Bilbao

The museum charts the changes in the maritime history of the region over time. I found the video about the development of Bilbao really interesting. It looks to have undergone extensive change in recent years with new leisure and entertainment developments. It reminded me a bit of the changes that have taken place in London’s Docklands over the years.

Daisy enjoyed the various activities for kids, such as fishing and walking the plank. There was also a large boat to climb on. There was plenty of space to run around and no other visitors to disturb on a quiet Thursday afternoon. At only 6 Euros per adult and free for those under 6 it was a reasonable option for a rainy day.

The Museum is located on the former site of the Euskalduna shipyard docks, which you can wander around. A notable feature is the Carola Crane rising above the old docks.

We also tried out the museum cafe which was a great spot for a snack and drink. It didn’t have the biggest range of pintxos (the Basque equivalent of tapas) you will see, but they were good value and an easy lunch option. The riverside spot offers the opportunity for a pleasant stroll after lunch. There were lots of playgrounds along the river bank if you little one needs to run around some more.

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8 thoughts on “Maritime Museum in Bilbao with a Toddler

  1. I think you were wise not going into the Guggenheim with a toddler. The Maritime sounds like a much wiser option. Thanks for linking with us at #CulturedKids ! Scarlett

    1. It’s the kind of place I like with my toddler – not too obviously aimed at kids, so not too busy.

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