Things To Do In Zakynthos With A Baby

Here are some ideas of things to do in Zakynthos with a baby. And some things to do in Zakynthos that do not work quite so well with a baby. D was around 8 months old at the time. So pre-mobile which made life a bit easier.

Things To Do In Zakynthos With A Baby – Beaches

  1. Alykanas beach. This was perhaps not the most scenic beach in the world. But it had sand and a very gently shelving sea. The sea stayed very shallow for a very long way. Not so important for a pre-mobile baby, but would be great for toddlers. There were a few places offering sun beds. But there were long stretches with none. So we invested in our own beach umbrella for the bargain price of 5 Euros to provide some shade for D. There are tavernas scattered along the shore for lunch. Our favourite was the pool bar at Agia Kiriaki beach bungalows – cheap gyros for us and a huge plate of melon for D.Things to do in Zakynthos with a baby
  2. Porto Zorro beach. Sometimes with a baby you just need a nice easy beach with umbrellas and sun loungers and waiters bringing you drinks. This was a good one of those! There are some interesting rock formations in the sea to add a bit of character.                                                   


Things To Do In Zakynthos With A Baby – Other Attractions

  1. Boat trip to the Blue Caves. We hired a car and drove to Skinari at the north of the island, where we hopped on a tour boat. The boat trip from here to the Blue Caves is only about 40 minutes, so not too long for D. The coastline from the boat was pretty. And as the name suggests, the water was blue. There is the opportunity to swim in the caves. Of course only one of us could do that while the other stayed on the boat with D.Things to do in Zakynthos with a baby
  2. The Venetian Castle at Bohali. There is little of the fortress left, just a few ruins with explanatory signs. There are the ruins of a surprising number of churches and of barracks left behind by the British Empire in the 1800s. It is now largely an open space shaded by many pine trees. There are fantastic views over the island from this hilltop; you can see why a castle was built here. This is not a buggy friendly place, but D was quite happy napping in her sling. I think it is somewhere I would take her as a toddler too, as it would give her some space to run about in the shade. We enjoyed our visit here, as we like a good ruined castle. But that is all there is here; no cafes or gift shops or other tourist trappings. And personally I think all the better for that.
  3. Lunch in Maries. On our travels we happened upon a little taverna called the Olive Tree in Maries. We were the only people there and had a slow relaxed lunch. If you happen to be in the area it would be a good spot to eat without worrying about your baby disturbing other customers!

Things Not To Do In Zakynthos With A Baby

  1. Navagio Beach (or Shipwreck Beach). The boat trips here were too long for D. And most trips involved swimming from the boat to shore. So we decided to view from above. Which was a bad decision. There is one tiny viewpoint with a huge queue of tourists. I hid under a tree in the shade with D while Daddy took a look. But completely not worth it.                   Things to do in Zakynthis with a baby
  2. Gerakas Beach. This is one of the beaches famous for nesting Loggerhead turtles. This could have been a good trip. But you would have to get there early to secure a spot with an umbrella. You are not allowed to bring your own in case you damage a turtle nest. Which is of course fair enough. But meant I spent most of the time trying to create a tent out of towels to give D some shade.                       Things to do in Zakynthis with a baby
  3. Stenitis Beach. We were hoping to find a nice secluded beach – it is described as a beautiful fiord with no tourist facilities. But the approach road was far too intrepid for our hire car.
  4. Xigia Beach. This looked like a beautiful little cove. With apparently the added bonus of theraputic healing properties. But when we stopped by unfortunately the sea was rather dirty looking so we moved on. Things to do in Zakynthos with a baby



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  1. I think I went to the Blue Caves as a teenager on my first girls holiday! It was beautiful, although I would most certainly appreciate it more now. Thanks so much #mondayescapes

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