Austria Ski Season with a Baby: St Anton Cafe Review, Aquilla

St Anton Cafe Review, Aquilla

As part of writing about my ski season in Austria with a baby, I will review cafes and restaurants in St Anton am Arlberg. Which are baby-friendly? Do they have space for a pram or buggy? Is it quiet? Is there space for crawlers to clamber around? Are there changing facilities (ha ha)? In this third St Anton cafe review, Aquilla will be considered from the baby’s viewpoint…

St Anton Cafe Review, Aquilla

Aquilla can be found on the main pedestrianised street in St Anton am Arlberg. It is more of a restaurant than a cafe, but is casual at lunchtime and they have a small bar area if you just want a coffee.

It does not have any specific kid-friendly attractions, but it is still worth a mention for the following reasons:

  1. It has a large interior, so there is space to park a buggy or pram. The space is also great if you have an early walker, as you can do circular laps of the restaurant. Watch out for the automatic doors at the entrance though; you don’t want an escapee. Daisy is particularly drawn to the wine fridge and the smoking room for some reason.
  2. They have a high chair. But be warned that they only have one high chair. If I have brought our travel high chair, theirs will be available. If I have forgotten ours, some other baby will be using theirs. Because that is just how it works.
  3. They do an excellent set lunch menu. It varies every day and you get either a starter and main or a main and dessert for 9.80 Euros. Which is a complete bargain in St Anton. There is a kids menu but it is not very interesting. Daisy just generally has some of ours. Or if we are really hungry, we will order some extra pasta and finish off what she doesn’t eat.
  4. They actually have fairly decent toilets from a baby point-of-view. There are no changing facilities, but they are massive and spotless, so you should be able to find a quiet corner. For Daisy, no trip here would be complete without a few climbs up and down the stairs to the toilets.



4 thoughts on “Austria Ski Season with a Baby: St Anton Cafe Review, Aquilla

  1. Now my husband would love this! He is forever sipping coffee – I think it may possibly be his favourite pass time! Thanks for sharing, I love to see your photos – stunning!

    1. The Austrians definitely like their coffee – I think next year I will have to work out which place serves the best. A good excuse for some research!

  2. This looks like a great café. I try to regularly take my children to somewhere that doesn’t specifically have anything to entertain children because I think it does them good to just learn how to behave without being entertained as such. Thanks so much for joining in with #FamilyTravelTips

    1. That is a very good point. And to be honest she is often quite happy playing with a fork or something rather than a toy!

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