Where to have Lunch in St Anton am Arlberg

St Anton Cafe Review, Sonnegg

As part of writing about my ski season in Austria with a baby, I will review cafes and restaurants in St Anton am Arlberg. It can be difficult to know where to have lunch in St Anton am Arlberg. Which restaurants are baby-friendly? Do they have space for a pram or buggy? Is it quiet? Is there space for crawlers to clamber around? Are there changing facilities (ha ha)? In this fourth St Anton cafe review, Sonnegg will be considered from the baby’s viewpoint.

Where to have Lunch in St Anton am Arlberg – Sonnegg

Sonnegg is the cafe we frequent most regularly for lunch. It is right next to the Nassereinbahn lift valley station in St Anton am Arlberg. They serve everything from breakfast to lunch, an afternoon snack or low-key après-ski. With the advantage of not having to put your skis on again afterwards to get down the mountain. Unfortunately they are not open in the evenings for dinner.

Its location makes it a good spot for non-skiers to meet up with skiers. It is right by the nursery slope, so you can take little ones for a toboggan before or after lunch. Or for a ski for your larger little ones. There is room for buggies / prams and they have some of those high chairs that clip onto the table. *Exciting update* Well, exciting if you have a baby. The toilets here have been refurbished and have… Wait for it… A changing area for babies. This is unprecedented in St Anton, so make the most of it! Previously the toilet was tiny and the floor often soaking wet from melted snow, so useless for baby changing. Your best bet used to be the toilet under the lift station where there is at least room for a buggy / pram change.

Where to have Lunch in St Anton am Arlberg – Sonnegg, the food

The main reason we go here so often is that the food is excellent. Daddy swears by the Sonnegg burger, according to his extensive research the best in town. Some of my favourites include the Tiroler Käsespätzle (I guess like a local macaroni cheese) and the large mixed salad. On a Sunday (and a Thursday) they do a roast pork with dumplings, the closest you will get to a Sunday roast here! They also serve Kaiserschmarrn, a type of chopped pancake, which is delicious. And they have an excellent natural radler on tap. Daisy usually just has some of our food but sometimes we order a kids meal for her. These are enormous, for example, 5 fish fingers and huge portion of fries  or 4 enormous breaded chicken ‘nuggets’ and fries. Definitely enough to share with an adult with a side order of salad.

And the final attraction: for some reason Daisy loves running up and down this restaurant more than any other.

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