A Toddler’s Visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park

Toddler's visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park

A toddler’s visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park would be straightforward. But our demands were a little more complex. It is an increasing challenge to find venues for multi-generational days out. Especially as the toddler increasingly just wants to run about. Shepreth Wildlife Park appeared to tick lots of the boxes. Something for the toddler to do, wheelchair accessible for great granny, drivable to from Cambridge, on the train line from London, has a cafe for lunch…

A Toddler’s Visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park – the highlights

  1. Daisy had a great time viewing the animals. Someone has actually thought about height here. Most of the fences / viewing windows were low enough for her to be able to see without having to be picked up. Of course she was more excited by the ducks than the tiger opposite. Sometimes I wonder why I bother taking her out when she would be just as excited in a local park. I liked the meerkats, but then I always think they are interesting creatures.
  2. There are some great play areas for kids big and small. Both indoor and outdoor, which is good given the British climate. A particular highlight for Daisy was the sandpit.
  3. It worked pretty well as a multi-generational destination. Nothing is terribly relaxing with a toddler. But this gave the older generations a way to experience her joy at running around in an accessible environment. Bar the occasional misdirection of the wheelchair into a pot hole…
  4. It was a very good size for a toddler. Big enough for there to be lots to see. But not so much that it was overwhelming.
  5. A large number of picnic tables. If you are organised enough for that type of thing. I generally feel like I have enough stuff to hump around with a toddler without adding a picnic into the mix.

A Toddler’s Visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park – the disadvantage

There is only one real disadvantage that I found. The food available and general ambience in the two cafes was remarkably average. I was disappointed to find only machine coffee and sandwiches in the cafe by the soft play area. And the other cafe by the entrance did not have a very exciting range – omelettes, jacket potatoes, chips, etc. I think they are missing a trick here. Surely if they had a few meal options based on locally-sourced ingredients, along with freshly made cakes and coffee they would be on to a winner? And some nice rustic furniture rather than the school canteen look.

Getting there and other info

Shepreth Wildlife Park is easy to get to by train. It is just a few minutes stroll from the station on the line between London and Cambridge. And if you travel by train, you get a discount on the entrance fee.

Toddler's visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park
We always take our trusty Tula when we travel by train.

We had our carrier with us, but the paths were buggy-friendly. I think I might get this gorgeous travel-themed print when we upgrade to the toddler size Tula.

The park is also easy to get to by car, not far from the M11.

For more information check out their website.




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11 thoughts on “A Toddler’s Visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park

  1. haha isn’t it typical 🙂 you take your kids to see tigers and they are more interested in the ducks 😀 Mine are the same! It reminds me of a story about my niece. My parents had taken her to Harrods to see Santa and then her other grand parents thought it would be a brilliant idea to take her to Lapland and meet the ‘real’ one. The flew up and when they arrived she told her mum she wanted to go back home, because she had already met the real one and he was in Harrods. The girl was 2… haha – my sister had a little laugh at her in-laws expense…

    1. We might have to get the Tula Toddler eventually – fortunately she is still tiny enough for the regular version!

  2. I like the fact that the viewing of the animals were low. Will have to keep this place in mind for when we eventually have grandchildren as it sounds like it will be great for us and them. #familytraveltips

  3. This is pretty close to where we live and I’m yet to visit, definitely one to consider for the school hols, thanks for jogging my memory! #familytraveltips

  4. Isn’t it typical that the animals we as adults are excited to see don’t interest our toddlers at all. Shame about the food as it sounds like a great place for a family day out. Thanks for linking up. #wanderlustkids

  5. Such a shame about the cafés but I think places struggle to get a decent chef. I love the fact that your little one could see everything without being picked up though, that’s a huge bonus! Thanks very much for linking up to #Familytraveltips

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