#Take12Trips in 2017: Family Travel Review

Back in January I decided to take part in the #Take12Trips in 2017 challenge. At that time we were on an extended stay in western Austria for the ski season. So I was planning several day trips in the area. Then later in the year I was thinking of perhaps Spain or Romania. Plus a long haul trip somewhere like South Korea or Thailand. How did we get on…
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A Toddler’s Weekend in East Devon

A Toddler's Weekend in East DevonWe fancied a weekend in the country by the sea. It is nice to escape from city life and give our toddler some green fields to run around. At only 3 hours or so drive from London, East Devon fitted the bill. East Devon has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. So we were hoping for winding country lanes and stunning coastal scenery. And to make it even more exciting, we decided to make it our toddler’s first proper camping trip staying in a tent. Here’s what we got up to on a toddler’s weekend in East Devon…
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A Toddler’s Summer in St Anton am Arlberg

Toddler's Summer in St Anton am ArlbergI was intending to write a guide of activities to do during a toddler’s summer in St Anton am Arlberg. But actually the great thing about summertime in the mountains is the chance to unwind. We took it as a great chance to slow down and not schedule any activities. “Isn’t that boring?” I hear you say. Or “didn’t your toddler drive you crazy?” Not at all. So here is my guide to doing nothing in the mountains…
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Yoga in Tuscany with a Toddler

Yoga in Tuscany with a ToddlerI had some time free for a break but Daddy didn’t. I looked for somewhere to take my toddler Daisy that would give her lots to do. But that ideally would also give me an occasional chance to relax. I’m not normally looking for places designated as ‘child-friendly’. But as I was travelling solo it would be nice to be in an environment where there was at least a chance of a conversation with a sympathetic adult or two. My internet research found lots of child-friendly places, but most aimed at parents travelling together.
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Glamping in Belgium with a Toddler

Glamping in Belgium with a Toddler

We decided to try glamping in Belgium with a toddler. It wasn’t called ‘glamping’ when we booked. But on reflection it’s probably what it would be marketed as in the UK. For some reason we haven’t got round to camping with the toddler yet. So this was a comfortable and fun way to dip our toes in the waters.
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Innsbruck Alpenzoo With A Toddler

Innsbruck Alpenzoo With A Toddler

Innsbruck Alpenzoo is a fun little zoo for toddlers. If a little hilly. But the hilltop location means that there are great views of Innsbruck. There is a range of Alpine animals, from bears to snakes, via otters and lynxes. This and the setting makes for a different experience from many other small zoos. There is also a wide selection of birds but they were not of much interest to Daisy. She liked looking at the fish and frogs in the aquarium and the snakes. Anything where you could lift her up to the glass for a closer look.
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A Toddler’s Visit To inatura in Dornbirn, Austria

A Toddler's Visit To Inatura Dornbirn Austria

We had a fantastic day out at inatura in Dornbirn. This is an interactive museum focusing on nature, humans and technology. It is a truly interactive museum, where touching, trying, playing and experiencing is encouraged. I visited with a sixteen month old, but I think there would be something here for everyone. We went on this day trip as part of our #Take12Trips challenge. It is apparently considered one of Europe’s most modern natural history museums, but I had never heard of it before.
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The Museum in St Anton am Arlberg with a Toddler (Austria)

We like to visit local attractions as well as visiting destinations further afield. To add to the challenge these need to be toddler friendly. I headed to the Museum in St Anton am Arlberg with a toddler in tow. This is somewhere I had never visited in around 7 winters here, so it was about time for a look.

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